Date A Guy Who Travels

Date A Guy Who Travels

Be with someone who travels. He will follow his heart and chase his dreams. He will come back bearing photos and stories and a gift that reminded him of you while he was traveling. He will inspire you to fearlessly embark on your own adventures. He will never be afraid of spontaneity and will almost always say yes when you suggest a road trip. He will tell you stories of his trips that will make you fall more and more in love with him every day. He will never make you feel guilty for wanting to explore the world, even if it means he gets left behind. He will understand that distance does make the heart grow fonder and a relationship stronger. He will never let your relationship fall into a routine and get stale. He will say yes when you ask him to move away with you. He will watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s with you and completely understand why it’s dangerous to love a wild thing. But he will love you and let you love him anyway.

Be with someone who travels. At first your heart will break with every goodbye, but eventually the thrill of the adventure and the anticipation of seeing him again will replace that hurt. You will learn how satisfying it is to spend time apart so that when you are together again you have stories to share. You will take advantage of your time alone to grow as an individual. You will appreciate his presence even more when he returns. You will start to learn how important it is to embrace your own adventurous spirit and stop apologizing for the way you were born. You will start becoming hungry for adventure too.

Be with someone who travels. It will hurt. A lot. It will feel like you’re being left behind, left out, left alone. It will seem like he doesn’t care, he has better places to be. You’re not important. Sometimes you will question your relationship. You will question whether it’s worth it, whether it will work out, whether it’s right. You will fall asleep questioning and your mind will go down a dark and twisting path and you won’t be sure if you’ll find a way out. You’ll hold back because you don’t want to get hurt. You’ll want to be the first one to leave, always. You’ll be bitter sometimes, for no rational reason beside the fact that you’ve never been left before. You will bicker over nothing. And then you’ll finally realize that nobody is leaving, nobody is getting left behind. You’ll realize that what you’re fearing is yourself because you see all the dangerous, delicious parts of yourself in him. In him, you’ll see your insatiable wanderlust, your perilous curiosity, your thirst for adventure. When you accept that all these qualities are blessings, not flaws to hide or neglect, you’ll start to love those parts of yourself, and you’ll love him even more for being your mirror. You’ll love him for setting your spirit free.

Be with someone who travels. Together you will learn the balance of holding on and letting go. You will grow to understand that learning how to be apart is just as important as learning how to be together. You will start to value and love one another more because you realize that it feels like something is missing when they’re not there with you. You will find more and more things and places that remind you of them on every trip. You will want to bring them back to those places to experience them together. You will grow to trust one another deeply, because you know that at the end of the day they will always return to you with stories and kisses and hugs to share. You will start encouraging each other to experience the world, chase dreams, and never be afraid to take a risk. You will make an adventure book together. You’ll learn that love, real love, is limitless. You’ll learn that love knows no distance, and distance means so little when someone means so much. You will build a life together where you will never have to be apart, because you will be sharing the same adventure. Thought Catalog Logo Mark