Which ‘GIRLS’ Character Are You: A Party Game For Watching The Season 3 Premiere

You were already setting aside Jan. 12th for the premiere of GIRLS Season 3. Rather than huddle over your laptop in solitude, invite some friends over and play this game during the show. First, pick the character you are most similar to, and have your friends pick too. Then, while you’re watching the premiere, use this guide to score points. Whatever the points are worth is up to you ;) 


– 10 points for doing something heinously irresponsible, like hitting on your boss and then threatening to sue him seconds later.

– 5 points for complaining about your life on social media (double minus points if it’s related to overeating).

+ 5 points for rocking your birthday suit, because though it may offend some, it shows a comfort in your skin that most of us will never achieve.

+ 10 points for coming to some painful but important self-revelation, and using it to be a better friend/person.


– 10 points for acting too cool for people around you (ie. by hiding your friends unstylish coat under other peoples’ coats at a party you’re hosting).

– 5 points for thinking waaaaaay too highly of your own singing voice.

+ 5 points for doing something unexpectedly edgy, like rocking a plastic see-through dress.

+ 10 points for forgiving someone for being less perfect than you want them to be.


– 10 points for doing something excessively neurotic, like categorizing your headbands.

– 5 points for each time you abbreviate a word (ie. “fab,” “tots” “gorg”).

+ 5 points for giving someone an excessive but endearing compliment.

+ 10 points for boldly blurting out something super-candid about your feelings.


– 10 points for refusing to acknowledge or respond to anyone who loves you.

– 5 points for abruptly quitting something (ie. your job, or marriage).

+ 5 points for making absurd and ethically-questionable comments that we all wish we could say with such abandon. Read: “I am unsmotable.”

+ 10 points for confronting deep-seated personal issues.


– 10 points for doing or saying something that is nauseatingly disrespectful to women.

– 5 points for sulking in your apartment alone.

+ 5 points for random acts of sweetness.

+ 10 points for displaying unexpected signs of self-awareness/reflection.


– 10 points for viciously undercutting someone else’s happiness (ie. “Charlie is a yuppie nightmare”).

– 5 points for saying something only a cranky old man would say.

+ 5 points for assuming more responsibility at work.

+ 10 points for ardently defending someone you didn’t even know you liked that much.. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

This post brought to you by HBO GIRLS.
Don’t forget to watch the Season 3 Premiere on Sunday, Jan. 12th.



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