A Strong Couple Will Always Check 12 Important Boxes In Their Relationship

A Strong Couple Will Always Check 12 Important Boxes In Their Relationship

A couple needs more than just timing and luck to start a relationship. Some will flourish while others won’t, and those that last are the ones that prioritize the strongest predictors of relationship satisfaction. These strong couples make sure to check these 12 important boxes in their relationship.

1. Core Values

A strong couple will have similar core values. Having similar interests may help start a relationship, but having similar core values will make a relationship last. Our fundamental beliefs are formed in childhood, inherited from parents or culture. These beliefs help individuals make decisions, including the important decisions that a couple needs to make together in life.

2. Knowing their partner

A strong couple will make sure that they know what their partner likes and dislikes, how to have fun with each other, and remember little details about each other, such as important dates and moments in their lives. This should be a given, but you will be amazed at how many couples do not know much about each other. A strong couple will try to learn as much as they can about their partner to really know them more than anyone else.

3. Consideration

A strong couple will go out of their way to make their partner feel cared for because they are thoughtful. This is where your actions speak louder than your words, because you actually do something just for the partner instead of just saying you will.

4. Communication

A strong couple will make it a point to communicate because it is impossible to read each other’s minds; misunderstandings can cause a lot of conflict, therefore if it is a matter of concern, a strong couple will prioritize it to listen, share their own thoughts, and speak their minds without being judgmental.

5. Balance

A strong couple will value balance, because that will mean both partners have equal say and equal control over decisions made, and they will treat each other as equals. One will not be superior to the other.

6. Compromise

A strong couple will make it a point to compromise. An important lesson to learn in any relationship is that you cannot always have everything your way. By compromising, you will always have balance in a relationship. When you compromise, you may not always get what you want, but you will both get what you need.

7. Supporting their partner

Having a supportive partner can help a strong couple overcome a lot of problems. Life is easier when your partner has your back and supports your goals, someone who can be strong when you feel weak. Partners in strong couples will always be each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

8. Conscientiousness

A strong couple values conscientiousness because it means the partners are dependable and trustworthy. Partners who are not conscientiousness do not always keep their word or cancel things last minute, and that kind of unreliability and unpredictability does not build a strong foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

9. Conflict Resolution

A strong couple will always try to resolve conflict. Being with someone long-term means it is inevitable to have disagreements and arguments. So when that happens, a strong couple will discuss the subject by being present and not bringing up the past. They will apologize when they know they are wrong and forgive each other as well.

10. Sex and romance

A strong couple knows the importance of sex and romance in a relationship so they will make sure to ask and learn about their partner’s sexual satisfaction and set aside time for romance, not just in the beginning, but years down the line as well.

11. Loyalty

A strong couple requires loyalty because it is more than just fidelity. It is a strong allegiance for the partner; it is compatibility and knowing that your partner is on your side in all aspects of life. It is having your partner on your side.

12. The belief that relationships take work

A strong couple knows that a happy relationship takes work, because it is expected to have bumps along the road, and they know that they may need to work hard to overcome those difficulties. Couples who have this ‘work to make relationship work’ attitude are more likely to work hard to overcome issues and build a stronger foundation for a relationship that people who have ‘it will work if it is meant to work’ philosophy, who tend to give up more easily.

So here’s to strong couples everywhere — may all couples be more like them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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