Hate To Be The One To Say It But Chuck Bass Was Actually The Devil

Hate To Be The One To Say It But Chuck Bass Was Actually The Devil

Hey, Upper East Siders, it’s been 12 years since Gossip Girl left the television after six seasons. These extremely attractive and filthy rich teenagers did everything horrible possible to each other as friends (and enemies) and still managed to get a happy ending and great ratings.

All the characters lied, cheated, used substances, almost killed and actually killed someone and continued to throw each other under the bus. But due to their strong friendships, it was like nothing had happened. Some of us strongly rooted for the union of Chuck Bass’s pocket squares and Blair Waldorf’s headbands and so I hate to be the one to say it but Chuck Bass was actually the devil.

We kept pinning for Charles Bartholomew ‘Chuck’ Bass and Blair Cornelia Waldorf to end up together and just say the three words with eight letters, but if we go back, Chuck Bass tried to rape not one but two women in the first episode. First, it was Serena who was upset after she fought with Blair who discovered that Serena and Nate had slept together. Poor B because Serena is supposed to be Blair’s best friend.

Chuck forces himself upon Serena and she kicks him and then he forces himself upon Jenny on the terrace, and Dan comes to the rescue. That is messed up because they are two non-consensual sexual encounters and he walks away from both of them without consequences.

I don’t think you need more than that to be the devil but there is so much more. Chuck Bass takes the virginity of his best friend Nate’s girlfriend Blair moments after their break up. Then he somehow wants Blair and keeps sabotaging her getting together with Nate. Mind you, Chuck a.k.a the Devil is supposed to be Nate’s best friend.

Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf were called one of the most beautiful relationships of television but let me jog your memory for the number of times Chuck emotionally tortured his on-again-off-again soulmate Blair for six seasons.

He compared Blair to one of his father’s Arabian horses after taking her virginity, that is flattering. At the end of season one, he also stood Blair up as she was waiting to go away for the summer after one look at Amelia, his stepmother’s interior decorator. That is one hell of a ghosting.

If Chuck and Blair were examples of strong love that could endure anything the things Chuck does to test them is quite disturbing. Remember when he tried to sell Blair to his uncle for the hotel? He treats her like property, breaking her heart again. I do not understand why Blair does not get this, and she is supposed to be the smart one. That is an act of the devil.

When Chuck asks Blair to meet him at the top of the Empire State building at 7 PM and she is a couple of minutes late because Dorota is having a baby, he decides to take Jenny’s virginity. Jenny is 16 and it’s technically statutory rape. Blair was a couple of minutes late and that is what he ended up doing?

When Blair finally meets her Prince Louis and is about to marry him Chuck tells Louis’ mother about their sexual history. Chuck also violently pushes Blair against the wall and breaks a window which cuts Blair’s face saying, “You’re mine.” That is plain disturbing and physical assault.

Blair always wanted a fairy tale wedding and Chuck and Blair get married so she can’t testify against him. That is a great reason to get married and start a life together. The devil I tell you. I cannot imagine how many years of therapy little Henry is going to have after finding out about his parent’s dating history.

We may all see Chuck as this sexy and hot rich heir to Bass Industries who has all the money in the world, and his extremely complicated love story with Blair as passionately romantic but in reality, it is unstable and unhealthy.

Open your eyes and see him for who he is. Chuck Bass is the devil.

Chuck and Blair are definitely not relationship goals. Relationship goals should show stability, commitment, and open communication. Chuck’s tendency to be a mean, heartless asshole after doing multiple terrible things and still coming out as the show’s hero is a clear sign that he is the devil. I mean, he did try to sell the love of his life as a sex slave for his hotel.

I hate to break the hearts that had fallen in love with this bad boy turned supposed good man but in reality, he is actually the devil. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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