Someone Like You Was Made For Someone Like Me

Our story began before swiping right was a thing. I was never looking for someone like you, and when I found you, I understood why. Everything in the world made more sense with you in my life.

You were not the guy made of the lists that I had in my mind. You were nothing like the guys who made women lose their faith in love. You are the kind who invests his time and his heart.

You are different and you are special, and I want to let you know why because you are a blessing in my life.

You are made of the most beautiful qualities, qualities which are so rare. You are kind and thoughtful. You treat people with respect and you have a beautiful heart. You are the type of person women dream of and pray to be with someday.

You make me feel beautiful in your eyes even when I am at my worst. You are always by my side when I am my loneliest. You love me even when I am my angriest. You never give up on me when I am my saddest. You see in me the person I have always wanted to be.

You help me find my way when I am lost. You help me understand what it is to grow up and why we have to. You amaze me with your character.

You saw a beautiful soul in me even in my darkest days. You have faith in me when I cannot believe in myself. You help me find answers to my questions in life.

You have the patience of a saint, because I know how much of a challenge I can be. You have forgiven me for all the times I made your life more difficult than it needed to be.

You guide me like a teacher. You support me like a friend, and you tell me when I am wrong. You love me like the most precious thing in the world.

The reason I still have faith in this world is because of you. You are able to see the beauty in this world and the good in people. Being with you has made me a better person, a person that you are helping me find, a person who I never knew could exist.

God created you to show me the way. God created me to find my way to you. Thank you for coming into my life, because someone like me was made to love someone like you. You are the greatest love of my life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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