You Might Never Forget Your First But Your Last Will Matter Most

You Might Never Forget Your First But Your Last Will Matter Most

You will never forget your first because he will show you what love is, but your last will matter the most because he will make you believe in love.

Your first will introduce you to a lot of fun things, but your last will show you that the real things in life last.

Your first will make you like the person you are becoming; your last will make you love the person you have become.

Your first will challenge you to compromise; but your last will show you that in the most successful relationships, two people meet in the middle.

Your first will show you that couples fight; your last will teach you to resolve those fights.

Your first might tell you to stop crying when you feel bad, but your last will let you cry without asking you why till you are ready.

Your first will support you in your dreams; your last will help your dreams come to life.

Your first will tell you that you are beautiful, but your last will believe you are the most beautiful person he has ever met.

Your first might tell you to be strong when you feel weak, but your last will be there to hold your hand till you are ready to stand on your own.

Whenever you feel jealous of his first, don’t- because they were never right for each other- and that is what led him to you. She brought him a step closer to you and thank her for that.

Because you will always be grateful that it did not work out with your first because if it had, you would have never met your last; the one for whom the stars did align.

Your first might break your heart and make you question your faith in love, but for your last- you will be his heart.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter whoever is your first—all that matters is who is your last. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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