Stay Single Until You Love Someone This Way

When You Finally Meet Him, You Will Get Why It Never Made Sense With Anyone Else

(When you meet him you will finally understand.)

When you first meet him, you will sense he is different. He will not be like the other guys you have met before. You will not know why but you will ask yourself – “I wonder how long he will stay in my life?”

When you talk to him, something will click, it may not necessarily be romantic but he will ask you something no one has asked before because he is paying attention. He will be in awe of your intelligence and your quirks.

When you listen to him, you will want to know more. You will admire his kindness. You will be charmed by his humility. You will be pleasantly surprised by the way he talks about other women because he will talk about them all with respect.

When you have more conversation, you will learn more about him and his world. You will learn he is genuinely interested in learning more about you and your world. He will want to learn more about your dreams. (You may not love him yet, but you always will.)

When you become friends, he will be the best friend you could ever hope for. He will hold you close when you need to heal. He will call you out when needed as well. You will never make him choose, but he will always choose you.

When you get closer, he will accept you for your flaws while helping you work on your weaknesses to make you a stronger person. He will be honest and he will tell you the things you need to change about yourself to be a better person, and when you do the same; he will listen and remember what you say.

When you realize your differences, you will try to see the world through each other’s eyes to meet in the middle. He will admit when he is wrong, and you will also admit your mistakes because you are both human and no one is perfect.

When you really know him, it will make sense why it never made sense with anyone else.

When you realize you love him, you will understand why waiting all your life till this date is worth every moment you spend with him. When you try to figure out exactly when you fell in love, you will never know because you started to grow to love him the moment you met.

Even after months and years, remember to always love him through the good and the bad. Remember to always be grateful for him in your life. Never forget that he will feel the same about you, and never forget that he will always value you. Remember that you are a team, and as long as you both work together no one will be able to stop you.

When you start to feel confused because it has been a while- take a moment to look around and see how lucky you are to have each other because so many people wait their whole lives to have what you have.

When you know it is real love, do not doubt it and trust in the magic of the universe. For him, you will be his life and to you, he will be your world. TC mark

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