You, Too, Will Heal

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Your father was not there when you were growing up. You may feel sad and the only way you can express yourself may be through frustration. You always fall for the wrong man, hoping at least one of them will treat you right. Then, they don’t.

But you will heal.

Your mother never told you she loved you when you needed her advice. You may feel like no one understands you, and sometimes no one does. You feel you have so much love to give but sometimes doubt if you are even capable of loving.

But you will heal.

Your brother didn’t protect you from the world. You may have wanted him to show you the way when you were most lost. You are angry because he did not keep you from the ugly stares of the world.

But you will heal.

Your sister could not hear your silent screams. You may want a shoulder to cry on and find no one wondering where you went wrong in life.

As time flies by, you will heal.

Your best friend let you down when you needed her the most. She may have seen your anger but she could never see how your soul was crying. You may feel like you have forgotten how to smile because of what the cruel world has done to you. You may feel like the pain will never leave, but it will.

You will heal.

The guy who said he would be your friend, he didn’t mean a word he said. You may feel guilty for what he has taken away from you, you may be left feeling empty. Incapable of feeling anything but rage, if any feeling at all. You may feel like you will never be able to love yourself or anyone else again. But it is not true, because you will love yourself again and someone will love you more for who you are.

As time goes by, you will heal.

Your partner broke your heart when they shared themselves with someone else, making you feel so small and disrespected through every bone in your body. You may feel you have nothing left to live for.  

Listen, you will heal.

In life, we do not always know the right thing to do. You may regret your choices, and wish you could go back in time and redo them again. You have to tell yourself and try to understand that this too will pass and you, too, will heal.

That is why I am telling you this: be kind to yourself. I understand it is not easy, but life is worth it. It will sound hard, but try to believe in magic, try to have faith. There are good people out in the world. Give them a chance to be a part of your life. Let them help you through this. Give yourself a chance to change. You were not always like this. Yes, you got hurt, but you got up. And here you are, starting to learn about colors, feelings, and dreams.

As days go by, you will heal.

Make a commitment to yourself and promise yourself that you will be there for yourself. You can always count on yourself; never ever give up on yourself and always fight for who you are.  You are worth it.

Let me tell you a little secret. There are many who are hurting, but still healing.

And if you ask me, how do I know that you will heal? It is because I was where you are now.

And it’s taking time, but I am healing too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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