12 Men Share The Unfiltered Truth Of What Instantly Attracted Them To Their Girlfriend


1. “Her appearance and her smile. Just how she looked when she was wearing a long red summer dress with her hair tied in the back. When I engaged her, she gave me the most fantastic smile.”

–Connor, 26

2. Probably a combination of how beautiful she was in a mystical kind of way, but was all about me…and only me.”

–Chad, 28

3. “I would say her hair and booty. Those are the only two things I notice first and always. You can’t really have a crush on how kind a girl is. A guy is lying if he says that, he has to like how she looks. ”

–Trevor, 24

4. “I’m not like other guys that check the physical part first. I don’t fully go by looks. Her sense of humor was what got me.”

–Kyle, 25

5. “She was pretty and talked to me. It did not take a lot.”

–Preston, 27

6. “Her love for hot dogs. Our first get-together was at a hot dog festival. When we first started talking, it was about music and we had really similar music tastes because it was right after Lolla. And she’s gorgeous obviously and quirky and weird like me. But her laugh, her smile, and her many odd mannerisms is what really got me. The list goes on and on.”

–Charlie, 30

7. “Definitely both physical stuff and mannerisms. But mainly a mix between sexy, exotic, and smart. That is what got me.”

–Jack, 33

8. “I had seen her once before and the next time she asked me to go to a show with her. She was carefree, happy, and in love with music – I have never seen anyone enjoy a show like her. It felt like it was just the two of us there, I did not notice any other girl. She could not stop smiling. We held each other and danced all night. Plus, she was drop dead gorgeous.”

–Mason, 32

9. “I’m a facial guy, she was beautiful. I could not stop looking at her.”

–Carson, 39

10. “Her face was beautiful. Guys will always look at a hot body but it is the face that wins a guy over.”

–Ian, 30

11. “I’m talking about a hypothetical crush. Because I don’t really have one right now. But if she looks like this fake Tinder girl that’d be amazing! Her confidence and how she carries herself. My last girlfriend was gorgeous, I loved her – I still love her. She was not the nicest person and that may sound vain, but I will always have a crush on her.”

–Rob, 30

12. “She is gorgeous. She has a strikingly beautiful face that does stand out. I noticed other guys looking at her. She also had the most amazing smile while she was talking to others, she looked like a ‘warm’ person and she had a positive aura about her. When I went to talk to her, she was really nice and not standoffish like the other hot girls. She looked real, being around her the first time made me happy and that’s when I had a crush on her. I wanted to know her more.”

–Andrew, 29 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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