Don’t Tell Me It Was Bad Timing, Just Tell Me That I Wasn’t A Priority / FilippoBacci / FilippoBacci

You say that –
You don’t have
For me anymore;

That’s the reason why
We’re not working anymore;

It’s not me.
You just don’t have the

But I can’t seem to understand

Has your day lost an hour?
Has your week lost a day?
Has your year lost a week?

Has the concept of time
Since we first got together
And had
All the time in the world
For each other?

Or is it that
You’ve got yourself a new hobby
A new person
That takes up
Your time
That has become more important to you
Than me
My Time?

Whatever it is,
I don’t think it is fair of you to blame it on

Time hasn’t done anything wrong.

Time is the only thing that stays
The same
Now that we are not anymore Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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