Just Because She Texts You A Lot Doesn’t Mean She’s Clingy

Oh, wow, the notifications are piling up. Oh, did she write full paragraphs? She must really want to know about your day. Is she clingy? The answer is no.

Often, we mistake someone for being clingy for the wrong reasons. In this modern day, technology is one of the leading players in determining how relationships start and sometimes even end. Sometimes they start by just a swipe to the right or through an exchange of phone numbers at a party. Sometimes they end because someone texts “too much” or “too little.”

The idea that a girl texts “too much” or “too little” often suggests how interested she is. The assumption is that if she is texting “too little,” she is not interested, and if she is texting “too much,” she is clingy. Do we think that way because we read into what a text means too much?

If she is texting “too little” it does not suggest she is uninterested. It could mean so many things, such as she is occupied and busy at work or school. On the other hand, if someone is texting “too much,” it does not suggest that you are the center of their universe and they have become “clingy.” It could mean that they care about you and would like to know about your day.

Nowadays, if you do not like the way she is texting, what do you do? Ghost her.

Yes, you stop texting her. Block her number. Pretend like she did not exist. Close another chapter. Is it just that easy ghosting her? Ghosting her does not mean that you have closed another chapter. It only means that you have neglected another’s feelings and left her with questions.

Questions about where she may have gone wrong or about herself. Leaving her with no answers only leaves her incomplete. You try to find the easy way out, but only leave her with the difficult path — the path to discover what she did wrong and to deal with that pain.

Ever wonder how much easier speaking the truth would be? Telling her what you do not like about her and the way she texts that has left a significant effect on what you think of how you feel about the relationship that you were aiming for?

We often take the easy way out of the relationships that we do not want to continue due to technology. Then a couple days later you mention to a buddy “Oh I stopped talking to her because she was clingy”. Have you ever thought for a split second she wanted to make things work? By sending all those texts she wanted you to understand her day and wanted to know more about you?

Think about it.

Often, we take innocent messages from her as a sign of “clinginess” because she texting about her day and the events that took place or asking about your day. We take this as a sign that she wants to much attention and has become “clingy.”

Maybe she texting that because she wants to understand you better and wants to learn more about you. We often assume the worse out of most situations, which is a negative outlook on life. If she is texting “too much,” do not overthink and take it for granted. Reply to her. Get to know her better and put the effort in. However, if you do not like something about her or something just does not feel right, be honest with her and do not ghost her.

Most of all, remember: She is not clingy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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