This Is What It Really Means When He Reads Your Text But Doesn’t Answer Back

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He left you on read, and you told yourself he was not worth it.

However, you gave him the benefit of doubt. You thought about all the terrible things that could have happened to his phone. It could have been stolen, he could have been in the hospital, or his boss could have taken his phone.

How long did this last? A day, month, or a year? Well, you need to stop making the same mistake repeatedly.

You text him. Then the waiting game begins. You stare at your phone, you take it everywhere with you. You take it to the bathroom with you, to the dinner table, to your backyard. Your phone is wherever you are.

Why do you do this? You do his because you want an answer. You want to hear from him again.

A piece of you wants him and you’re so desperate to hear from him because that is the closest you can get to him.

You are anxious, nervous, and scared. You are afraid he does not like you or he is with someone else. You look down at your phone and you see that he has left you on read.

You are mad, confused, and do not feel like talking to him. You tell yourself that you are not going to text him.

However, when you hear that ding, you jump up in the air and pick up your phone. You see the notification. You feel like your world is complete. You unlock your phone and open the text.

You see a simple, “Hi.”

You reply with, “How are you?”

The conversation seems like any other conversation. Yet you feel so happy and continue to smile at your phone screen because you really want to talk to this person. You forget the fact they left you on read before.

After sending that text, the waiting game begins again.

Now just think about it. You send a message to someone and they open it and do not reply. They have done this to you multiple times before.

I want you to take the next 30 seconds to sit there and think about what that means.

It means that they’re not interested in speaking to you.

Now what do you do? You can do the following things:

One thing you can do is confront them and tell them how you feel about them leaving you on read. When you confront them, remember to be polite. Tell the how you feel and how it is affecting you.

The second thing you can do is teach them a lesson. You can leave them on read.

This can end in two ways. The person will either be emotionally affected and will think about what they did wrong and what had caused you to leave them on read. Or they may never end up texting you again.

The third thing you can do is reply to them later after opening their message or just never talk to them again. That way you do not look like you’re more invested in the conversation then they are.

When you are texting someone, you want the other person to be as invested in the conversation as you are. When you are texting more and the other person texting less, it clearly shows that they’re not interested.

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