Read This If A Fuckboy Broke Your Heart

Sandis Helvigs

Fuck what he thinks. Who gave him the right to break your heart? Go back out there and kick his ass.

Show him what he missed out on. Fix your hair, get your nails done and go shopping. Watch when he sees how perfect you have become he will come crawling back to you. He will feel like crap when ,just how he made you feel at one point. He will regret leaving you. Just how much you regret liking him and thinking he was the one.

Remember guys like him do not deserve beautiful and smart girls like you and I. He is so basic. He was just another typical fuckboy. He asked you out and then you went for him because you thought he was a genuine guy.Then he turned out to play with your mind and use you. Like how is he even unique? He is so basic. Who does he think he is? Mr. Basic if you ask me.

You do not need a basic guy in your life. You deserve a guy who is ambitious, passionate and adventurous. You do not need someone who is basic and boring. When you find someone, who is ambitious and passionate about you. You will never feel unloved in your life again.

Yes! You are probably thinking guys like that don’t exist. Well they do! You probably think I am lying, well I am not. Genuine Boys still exist. They’re hard to find, but you will find one and when you do you will know it.

The way you will know is a genuine guy is how he will tell you the truth, talk to you, walk with you and treat you. The guy who broke your heart was a fake. He just wanted something and once he got it he left you unfortunately. This genuine guy exists and you will find him. He will stick with you through thick and thin.

I know I am telling you all this and it is going through the other ear because you are so upset about that jerk who broke your heart. Trust me it is going to get easier. You are going to realize something pathetic about him eventually and when you do you are going to be hurt. You are gonna feel like a fool.
I don’t blame you. We think someone is amazing and then they do something stupid and then we feel like idiots for trusting them. Everyone goes through that feeling. All I can say is remember this feeling because when you will be looking at other guys, you will remember what had happened to you before. Which will prevent you from looking at a whole nation of fuck boys.

You are beautiful, smart and amazing. You will find a real genuine guy. He is somewhere out there and he needs an amazing girl like you. So, get up and find him. Grief is important for any relationship, but don’t let it overtake you. Cry about the fuck boy who broke your heart, however remember not all guys are like him and you will find a real genuine guy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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