50 One-Sentence Reminders For People Struggling To Find Hope

50 One-Sentence Reminders For People Struggling To Find Hope

Life is rough. It’s easy to feel lost in your journey when it seems like nobody understands you. It’s lonely to be living in a world where sometimes no one seems to care about what you’re going through, but I want you to know that there’s someone out there who shares the same pain, worries, and doubts that you have. There’s a person on this earth who had been in your shoes, in your particular situation. And I want to remind you that, no matter how hard life is, it will get better. Here are one-sentence reminders I wish could give you hope during your darkest days:

1. You’ve been in this same hell hole before and trust me, you’re going to kick your way out of this again.

2. It’s scary when you realize how fast things change, but if you hold on to who you are and to what’s important to you, you will never be lost.

3. The drought will soon be over, the rain will come, and you will grow beautifully.

4. Guess what, sweetheart? You’re going to be heart broken a lot, you just have to learn how to get accustomed to it.

5. Right now, in this moment, someone is experiencing the same excruciating pain that you have in your chest. You are never alone.

6. Nothing is permanent until you find the right people, so have hope that along the way, you will meet new friends and a new lover too.

7. You are still so young and I swear there are plenty of amazing things that will happen ahead of you — be faithful, and you know, just trust.

8. Betrayals suck, but it’s an eye-opener for you about who to entrust your heart with moving forward.

9. Say whatever you want to say about yourself, but I still think that you have so much potential and that you’re going to rock this world at some point.

10. Because of your intelligence, talents, and unique set of skills, there are a lot of people who will want to play or work with you, so don’t worry so much about the unknown.

11. When someone says they’re not ready for a relationship, it only means they’re not into you. Allow yourself to hurt for few seconds and then move on.

12. It’s possible to turn off your feelings for a person, you just have to try a little bit harder.

13. If being cold is a way for you to protect yourself, then I see nothing wrong with it.

14. Sometimes the timing just isn’t right and you have to accept that, even if it’s hard.

15. Whatever mistakes or bad decisions you made in the past, you realize something from them and now you’re using those learnings for your advantage.

16. If you’re feeling down, take a bath and try to survive the day.

17. When in doubt, give it a go. You’ll be surprised at what’s going to happen next — believe me on this one.

18. You are allowed to cry sometimes and have feelings and mourn for someone who is still breathing.

19. But, like, eventually you need to show the world that you have no more tears left to cry.

20. No matter what people say, you’ve made the right choice and you’re going to look back one day feeling proud of it.

21. Have patience, the best things in life don’t happen in a day.

22. You’re probably broke, lost, and confused right now, but this is the turning point in your story when you have to flip the table, get back up, and improve your situation.

23. You are going to look at the sky and ask, “Why?” But I want you to know that all the problems that will try to break you will only make you more resilient and more humble.

24. Go back home, you will heal there.

25. The people who stay by your side when you’re down and penniless and feeling worthless are the people you should keep in your life forever — remember this always.

26. Forgive yourself, forgive the world, and even if some human beings don’t deserve your forgiveness, forgive them too. It will make you feel lighter.

27. Some things can be fixed by a good night’s sleep or a nap.

28. Also, are you kidding me, you are gorgeous!

29. Screw carbs, go buy yourself your favorite food and make that damn belly happy.

30. You’re going to be in a situation where you will want to quit, and the best one to consult or ask about this dilemma is your gut.

31. If something isn’t right, if something is disturbing to you, it’s okay to walk away and not feel guilty about it.

32. Maybe you just need a break and a long walk or just to be somewhere else where you can hear your thoughts clearly.

33. This is a little bit hard to believe, but not everything is about you, so please do not take everything super seriously.

34. You can try to compromise with someone, but if it doesn’t work out… well, then at least you tried.

35. Look back on all the worries that threw your energy down the drain before. Do they still bother you now?

36. Whoever told you that can’t do it is going to be so, so wrong.

37. This is a reminder that someone out there is thinking about you and wondering when exactly they’ll be able to meet you.

38. Acknowledge your fear. Be scared all you want, and then do whatever it is that you desire to do anyway.

39. This is your life and you have a huge say on how you want to run it, so follow the beat of your own heart and forget about society’s nonsensical chatters.

40. See, it’s easy to compare yourself to others, forgetting that who they are is completely different from you and your journey. You have to focus on your own battles and figure out the fastest, most efficient way to win them.

41. If you gave your all and you only did what was right, then you earned the right to sleep tight at night knowing that your heart contains no regrets.

42. Just because someone stabbed you behind your back while shaking your hands doesn’t mean everyone else will.

43. First dates are almost always horrible, stop beating yourself up over it.

44. There is no shame in getting to know different people at the same time if nobody is taking a risk to commit with you yet. Life is too short to wait for someone to make their mind about you.

45. The worst feeling in the world is letting down the people who believe in you, but remember that you have a second chance to make them cheer for you again.

46. Lies sting, but honestly, at least you got a general idea of the kind of person you don’t want to be.

47. Who cares if he said no? It’s not like he’s the only guy in the world, you know what I mean?

48. I hope you realize that you actually do have plenty of options and that you don’t have to feel stuck. You have a place in this world, and you were brought here for a good reason you may or may not know of yet. You matter—you truly do.

49. Put yourself out there, live the best life that you can be proud of, and don’t you ever dare stop.

50. And lastly, five words: it is never too late. Thought Catalog Logo Mark