I Hope You Surrender All The Heaviness Inside Your Heart To God

I Hope You Surrender All The Heaviness Inside Your Heart To God

I know you’re hurting. Right now, the entire world is crashing down on you. It’s like nothing is making sense. And so you sit there with your head full of confusion. You try to keep your thoughts straight. You try to steady the rhythm of your heart. I know in this moment you’re torn. You think you’re broken beyond repair. But I hope you allow God to heal you. 

I hope you embrace the silence of your room and take that moment to pray. It’s okay to let yourself be soft. It’s okay if you want to cry and release all the pain. There’s strength in being vulnerable. There’s bravery in accepting that you’re not strong all the time.

I hope when you think that you’re not worthy of love, you remember that God’s love is powerful and enduring. That God is enough. His forgiving heart never gets tired of welcoming us back. His arms are always ready to comfort us whenever someone wounds us. And all we need to do is call his name and surrender to him.

You don’t have to carry your baggage alone. Let God help you. Because he knows what’s best for you. It may be hard to understand his plans for you now, but in the future, you will realize that he’s leading you to the right path all along. God will never put us in danger. His promises are meant to prosper us. 

So I hope you trust him. Trust that when he takes something away from you, it only means he’s going to replace it with a better one. Trust that no matter where you go, people will appreciate you and will be in awe of the gifts that you have. Because God’s children are blessed. He lifts them up and guides them to reach their fullest potentials.

With him, there is nothing to fear. God’s eyes will always be on you, protecting you from troubles. He will deliver you from all of your enemies as long as you’re faithful to him. No man’s plan against you will succeed. His fierce anger will burn to those who are dying to bring you down.

I hope you stop worrying about everything that you can’t control. And just let go. Allow God to maneuver the wheels in front of you. Walk with him obediently. Follow his light in the dark and you will see the right way. Follow him and you will know that he’s the most powerful one in the universe.

In this lifetime, there will be people who will make our hearts bleed. And whether it’s intentional or not, it will always sting. But by submitting to God all the heaviness that we feel inside, we will become at peace eventually. We will be happy again, ready for new beginnings. We will face tomorrow knowing that someone from above is protecting us.

That God is forever fighting for us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Angelo Caerlang

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.