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At some point in your life you will feel like every choice you’ve made has lead you to the wrong path. You will question yourself whether you really know what you want, where you want to go, who you want to be with. You will force yourself to close your eyes when no one’s around you and allow yourself to finally let your tears flow.

You will have moments when your mind will be clouded by so much confusions. You will have days when you will feel stuck and paralyzed and be afraid of the unknown. Your passions will fade and your heart will be filled with so much resentments. You will have days when you will just want to go through the motions, waiting for something to happen, waiting for everything around you to change.

But there comes a time, too, when you will realize that nothing in life stays the same.

You will realize that there’s always an end in every darkness. There’s always a hope despite your brokenness. And there’s always a tomorrow to feel excited about regardless of how terrible your day has been.

You will realize that you can always pick yourself up after you stumbled and fell to your knees. You can choose to look at the sky, after all the times that you kept your head down, and see how beautiful the world is, how beautiful life is. You can smile no matter how heavy your heart feels. You can go outside, take a walk, breathe the fresh air, and let go of everything that’s dragging you down.

You can begin from scratch all over again. You can forget all the people who brought sufferings in your life. You can distance yourself away from any kind of environment that doesn’t inspire you. You can go somewhere new, somewhere you know you will be safe and secured, somewhere that no one knows your name.

You are allowed to decide what kind of story you want to tell to people, what kind of nickname they should give to you, and what version of yourself that you want to show to them. This is your life and you get to choose whether you want to continue feeling miserable in one place, or leave and start living the kind of life that you envision for yourself.

Forget about the fears that are preventing you from making a big move. Forget about what other people have to say. Forget about the what ifs that are haunting you on the inside.

You have to learn how to take risks, how to be brave, how to be independent, how to make a decision for your own good. You have to know how to fail, how to be broken, how to win, how to open your heart and love someone new. You have to believe that there’s a wonderful life that’s waiting for you out there and all you need to do is take a huge leap and trust.

You need to forgive yourself and allow yourself to heal. You still have more incredible memories to make. You still have new trustworthy people to meet. You still have plenty of days to laugh, to remember, to cherish, to keep in your mind forever. You are still young and you have so much more room to grow and so much more opportunities ahead of you.

There’s nothing that you can do about the past anymore. You only have today to prepare for a brighter, bigger, and better future.

You have today to push yourself to achieve your fullest potential. And you have today to prove to yourself that it is never too late to build a new life that you have always been dreaming of. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Angelo Caerlang

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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