10 Pieces Of Baggage You Need To Put Down And Leave Behind In 2017

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1. That one thing you thought you wanted.

There are times when you become obsessed with a certain idea and then after quite some time, it dawns upon you that it’s not really what you like after all. People change and feelings fade. There are some things that are only meant to stay in our lives temporarily. You don’t have to feel guilty for outgrowing and leaving anything that used to matter to you.

2. Your unhealthy habits.

The simple truth is that your body has limitations, too. The sooner you accept this, the easier it is for you to change your lifestyle. Just because everything inside of you is functioning well right now doesn’t mean it will stay the same all the time. You have to take good care of your health before it’s too late. You don’t want to lay in your bed one day regretting the things that you did or didn’t do.

3. The people who took you for granted.

You’re better off without them. It’s not a lost to drop them out of your life. It will hurt at first after distancing yourself away from them, but you’ll get used to it; you’ll eventually realize that it’s okay to cut those who are dragging you down. The world is a huge place and surely, you’ll find a group of people who will be glad to have you in their lives.

4. The unrequited love that you had for someone.

It’s true that you have the right to take the time that you need to heal, to move on. You were hurt — or maybe you’re still hurting — when somebody didn’t return the love that you gave to them. But there are so many people that you can share your affections with out there, and maybe you’re only wasting your energy thinking about the person who never even cared about you, even for a bit.

5. The hobby that didn’t work out.

I understand how frustrating it is to invest your time and money into a hobby that didn’t turn out so well — but you learn from that experience. Mistakes allow you to realize that you’re a flawed human being and that is normal and okay. You’re not meant to do things so perfectly during your lifetime. You’re here to continually grow as a person.

6. Your bad memories.

The only thing that you can do about them is to bury them somewhere and hope that, along the way, you’ll be able to forget them. It’s not practical to dwell on your past and replay the circumstances that you wish you could have done a little bit differently. You have today to create new good memories that you can remember in the future. You have today to make a change in your life.

7. The words that you could never ever take back.

Maybe you said something to someone that made a painful impact on their hearts. Maybe you reacted harshly in front of a person that’s important to you. If you could have given yourself extra time to think about the words that came out of your mouth, you would choose not to say them, but your emotions got the best of you. I hope you remember that it’s never too late to apologize and admit that you’re wrong. I hope you’re brave enough to fix what has been broken.

8. Everything that is heavy to you.

Let go of all the things that confuse your heart. Release each thought that bothers you day and night. Breathe out the negativities that have made temporary shelter in your soul. Free yourself from everything that feels heavy to you. Life is less stressful when you choose to surround yourself with the things that you love.

9. The resentments that you have towards someone.

Sometimes people don’t know what they’re doing. Sometimes people aren’t aware that they’re hurting somebody else’s feelings. Instead of holding grudges and stressing yourself out from the bad experiences that people gave to you, why not let these unpleasant memories roll off of your back, shrug, walk away, and move on? You have so many things to do than worry about someone’s perception of you.

10. Your ex.

It’s petrifying to find out that the one you loved before has already settled down. You wonder how they’re able to move on so fast. But accepting that they’re no longer part of your life will make letting go easier for you, too. Building a new life different from the one that you used to have with them will only lead you to the path that is just right for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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