Someday You Will Find Someone Who Will Make You Feel Less Lonely

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Someday you will no longer have to face the world on your own. Someday you will no longer wake up from a bad dream in the middle of the night and wish you have someone’s hands to hold. Someday you will no longer be frightened to think that you will grow old alone.

Someday, time is going to be in your favor and you will meet someone who will make a big difference in your life. They will appear in your story exactly when you need them the most.

Maybe you will doubt them at first and you will ponder whether they’re really the ones you’ve been searching everywhere for. You will look at them with a questioning mind and try to gather as much information that you need to know about them.

But you will know that they’re worthy of your trust when you can feel comfortable while talking to them. You’re going to be lost in their eyes, in their lips, in their words, and suddenly, all your worries will vanish. All your regrets won’t seem to matter. And for some inexplicable reason, you will be more confident about your hopes for tomorrow all because you’re with them.

Someday, you aren’t going to experience the feeling of being stuck anymore because someone will make you fall in love deeper day by day. Someone is going to encourage you to forget all the rules in life and to take big risks. They’re going to ask you to move somewhere with them. They’re going to drive you away from the fears that are holding you back and show you the world that you belong. They’re going to prove to you that you’re not behind from everyone else.

They will sense the invisible scars that you’re hiding beneath your soul. They will sympathize with all the sufferings that you swallowed from staying in the wrong place, from doing the things that you didn’t like, and from mingling with the people you had no common ground with.

They will be able to tell how much pain you’re carrying with you – and they will do their best to take it away from you.

They will assure you that as long as you’re with them, someone is going to understand the emotions you’re having a hard time expressing. Someone is going to listen to you talk about the things that other people refuse to hear from you. And someone is never going to leave you alone.

Someday, someone will make you believe that you are special even when everyone else treats you just as an ordinary human being. They will erase the trauma, the nightmares, and the disturbing memories you’ve been keeping inside your mind. They will gently blow a kiss to your heart to wake it up from sleeping for so long. They will put their strong arms in your shoulder and remind you that you have a place to fall back on when you’re tired.

Someday, someone will give you the life that you’ve been imagining and you will realize how much thankful you are that you’re still alive. You will be proud of yourself for never giving up, for cheering yourself when you were in hopeless situations, for giving your best to smile even though you were so crushed on the inside.

Someday, the man or woman of your dreams will be sleeping beside you and you will know that no matter how many times you wake up in the middle of the night, there’s another person you can hug. There’s another person who will protect you, stand by you, and fight with you again and again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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