If He Was Really Destined For You, He Would Be Beside You Right Now

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Henri Pham

When the days are long and nobody seems to care about the thoughts in your head, you miss him. When you’re all alone and you can’t stand the silence inside your room, your fingers are itching to dial his number. When tears are forming in your eyes and you’re few seconds away from completely losing it, you wish he was around to help you calm down.

Because sometimes it’s just so hard to survive on your own. Sometimes it’s less scary when you have another person’s hands to hold. It’s reassuring to have someone to lean on when life throws stones at you.

No boundary is impossible to cross when you have someone who supports you and catches you once you stumble and fall. No fear is too big to overcome if you have someone who encourages you to be strong. And no pain can make you suffer for so long when you have someone who heals you with their love.

But as you look at the empty spaces that surround you, it dawns upon you that maybe he’s not coming back anymore. Maybe he’s busy saving somebody else. Maybe the thought of you doesn’t cross his mind.

You wonder out loud if he’s really the one destined for you, but considering his absence in your life – you’re slowly accepting that his role in your story is over. You won’t get a second chance with him anymore. You won’t feel the warmth of his hug, the sweetness of his lips, the calming effect of his voice.

You won’t fulfill your dream of having a happily ever after with him, because if he’s really your perfect match, he would be beside you right now, whispering to your ears, and telling you that you would be okay.

If there’s still a place for you in his heart, he would check on you once in awhile and ask about your feelings. He would be concerned when he heard something bad that happened to you. He would be on his way to give you a company when you’re alone. And he would do his best to save you from all your troubles.

But he never shows up. He never tries to reach out. Not even a simple “Hi” just to show you that he remembers you.

It sucks to remove someone you used to love out of your life, but maybe it’s the right thing to do. Maybe it’s going to help you become stronger on your own. Maybe it’s the easiest way to convince yourself that you’re better off without him.

Your world doesn’t have to be on hold just because he’s not in it. There are more people for you to meet and fall in love with. There are more experiences that will build you and challenge you. And there are more good things that will come in your way.

You can be okay without him beside you. Your smile will come back one day. And the universe will replace the one that you lost.

You have to learn to forgive him for all the pain that he brought in your life. You have to try to forget your special feelings for him. You have to step into a new tomorrow with a fresh perspective, with a lighter heart, and with a peaceful mind.

It’s okay if he’s not going to come knocking on your doors again. The life that you’re leading now is different from the one that you had with him.

Maybe your story is about to get better. Your world is about to get shinier and you’re going to feel the happiness that you didn’t experience with him.

Learning to accept that you’re not going to have a second chance with him takes time. You have to allow yourself to heal and trust that the pain of losing him will eventually ease because heartbreak doesn’t last forever.

You need to remind yourself that you’re bigger than your brokenness. You have to believe that you’re stronger than your loneliness. And you have to keep hoping that you’re capable of getting through this heartache. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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