10 Beautiful Reasons Why You Should Settle Down With Someone Who Has A Sensitive Heart

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1. They will try to avoid any conflict between the two of you.

Someone with sensitive heart doesn’t like to have fights and arguments with the people they love. They do their best, every day, to maintain harmonious relationships with everyone around them because they want their souls to be at peace as much as possible. Resenting another person is something that they avoid at all costs because they don’t want to carry heavy burdens inside their hearts. If you’re going to be in a relationship with a sensitive-hearted person, they will always make sure to resolve any disagreements that they have with you before the day ends.

2. They will care about your thoughts and feelings.

They know how terrible it is when people disregard important things that you feel on the inside. They understand when the world doesn’t care about the thoughts that are consuming you when you’re alone. Having someone with a sensitive heart in your life gives you a comforting notion that whatever you’re going through, they will always be there to give you company, to hear you out, to make you feel less lonely. They will sit with you and be interested in knowing everything that bothers you. They will hold your hands and encourage you to open up to them.

3. They will not hurt you.

They will take care of you and they will never ever think of doing something that will crush your soul. They will be gentle with the words that they say in front of you. They will be careful with the gestures and actions that they give to you. They will eternally show you their kindness because you deserve all the good things in the world. You deserve to be treated with respect and love.

4. They will pay close attention when you’re talking.

With them, you don’t have to worry about being interrupted when you’re talking. You don’t have to wonder whether you’re saying something interesting or silly, because their minds are always ready to welcome your opinions about any topic you’re passionate about. They will put their phones away and have conversations with you like old times. They will be in the moment with you. They will listen to all your stories and rants and jokes because to them, talking to you is the most authentic way of knowing you as a person.

5. They will ensure that you’re happy all the time.

They will share their strengths with you on the days when you’re unable to carry yourself. They will shed some light in your way when the path you’re crossing gets dark. They will support you when you’re unsure about the decision you’re about to make. They want all the best for you and they will do everything just to see you smile. Your happiness matters to them. Knowing you’re doing okay calms them down. And watching you turn your visions to reality is a success for them as well.

6. They will be comfortable having quiet moments with you.

You can watch the sun go down with them without uttering a single word. You can read books with them and be left undisturbed inside your personal bubble. You can watch movies together and stay quiet until the credits roll. They don’t feel unease with silence because they love the relaxing feeling of having it, and you around. To them, love doesn’t have to be loud, showy, and full of romantic words all the time. Love can also be felt when two people are not doing anything together but still they know that they have each other to lean on.

7. They will be interested in a serious relationship.

They will not keep track of everything that you do or don’t do for them. They will not follow rules when it comes to dating. They will have no list of requirements to check off before they allow someone to enter their lives. They will just love the way they know how to love – no games, no steps to follow, no deadlines. They will take their relationship with you maturely. They will not be the type who will make small issue a big deal. Someone with a sensitive heart is patient, sympathetic, and reverent in his or her relationship.

8. They will never lie to you.

They dislike it when people withhold information from them. They get hurt when they’ve found out that someone is lying to them. And they don’t want you to experience the ugly feeling of betrayal. They will tell you all the things that you should know about them. They will not make you question. They will let you know their heart. And being with them assures you that you’re in a relationship that is built with both honesty and loyalty.

9. They will fall in love with you deeply.

People with sensitive hearts are mostly artists by nature. So expect them to write you prose, songs, and poetry. Don’t be surprise when they show you a painting or a sketch that they made that is inspired by you. People with sensitive hearts will show you how deep they have fallen for you. They will never hide their feelings for you. They will tell you how much you’ve changed them, why they’re thankful to have you, and what you’ve done for them to believe in love again.

10. They will not hesitate to give you their heart.

They are aware about the danger of giving someone their heart, but with you, they’re willing to forget the risk and just trust you completely. They will not doubt your ability to provide them what they deserve. And even if your relationship with them gets rough, they will not pull their love away. They will let their heart stay in your palm because that’s where they fit. They will choose you to be the caretaker of their hearts because nobody can gently touch them the way that you do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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