Your Type Of Guy Ranked From Best To Worst, Based On His Myers-Briggs Personality

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He is very known for his selflessness. Most of the time, he puts other people’s needs before his own. He can sacrifice his time, effort, and energy to help those who are close to his heart. He is a reliable guy who honors his words and fulfills all his promises. He rarely says no, and that’s the major reason why everyone respects him and loves him.


He takes his relationship with his partner seriously. He is not the kind of guy who will take you for granted because he’s aware of how hard it is to find true love nowadays. He is a hopeless romantic who will work hard just to prove that he cares for you. He will not hesitate to profess his words of affection to you, and tell you how much he appreciates the special connection that you have with him.


He is going to protect you at all costs. He will do everything just to make sure that you are safe and secured. He is the type who will not love you behind the dark. He will fight for you and he will proudly introduce you to all his friends and family members. He will show you how much committed he is to spend the rest of his life with you.


All it takes is one message from you and he’s on his way to meet you. If there’s one person in this world that you can always count on, it’s most likely him. He can keep your deepest, rawest secret – and that is a clear sign that you can completely trust him. It is in his nature to be supportive to the ones who are special to him. You can expect him to cheer on you in anything that you do, and have him as your number one fan.


He is a smart guy with a high emotional intelligence. He cares about your interest and he is willing to adjust to suit your needs. He is open-minded and respects everyone’s choices in life. It’s easy for people to connect with him because he’s not scared to share his thoughts and accept those that are different from his. What he loves the most is having intellectual conversations with anyone who crosses his path.


He loves to find meaning in everything. He doesn’t involve himself in activities that have no purpose. He needs to know what he’s getting himself into before he agrees with it. The same goes with his relationship; he can’t force himself to love someone when he doesn’t feel any sparks happening between the two of them. He falls in love for a reason and not just for the sake of showing everyone that he’s in a relationship.


Don’t be surprised when you meet an ENTP guy who asks you a lot of questions. When he’s interested to a person, he will try to get to know him or her and gather as much information that he needs. His deep curiosity is what drives him to understand someone’s mind, behavior, and personality. His goal is to improve not only himself, but his relationship with someone. No problem intimidates him because he can always give effective solutions to any struggle that comes in his life.


He might find it hard to express how much he loves you, but you can be assured that he’s the type of guy who’s very loyal. He’s usually patient and is willing to wait for the right time when you’re ready to give him your all. He has a good self-control and can ignore temptations with ease.


He is all about harmony. He wants his relationships with everyone to be calm and peaceful. He hates confrontations and sometimes has a tendency to skip uncomfortable discussions to avoid conflicts. He believes that it’s best not to entertain the issue because everything will eventually work out, and the problem will go away. He just wants to chill and have fun and live a life with no drama.

10. ENTJ

He is highly ambitious. He wants his life and his relationships to be successful. When it comes to finding someone he wants to settle down with, he can become a little picky. He barely has time to play games with anyone; that’s why he’s aiming to be in a relationship with someone he can see his future with. He quickly falls in love to a person who is as intelligent, confident, and competent as him.

11. ENFJ

Outdoor activities make him happy and satisfied. You can’t really expect him to watch movies with you on the couch and just chill for the whole day. He is more of an extrovert who prefers to go for an adventure than to stay in one place. Dating him requires you to have a lot of energy to match his outgoing personality.

12. ESTJ

He is a traditional kind of guy who dreams to have a white-picket-fence home, a trophy wife, and a tight-knit family. He can be a little bit too conservative and tend to choose older principles over new ones. He doesn’t go around criticizing those who have different beliefs than him, but deep inside he stands for what he thinks is right. His core values are strong and can’t easily be influenced by opinions of others.

13. INTJ

He is not an easy person to read because he doesn’t show his emotions often. He would prefer to shower you with expensive gifts rather than comfort you with his romantic affections. He is not good in dealing with his partner’s feelings and this can lead to petty arguments sometimes.

14. ISTP

His love language doesn’t come in forms of kissing you in public or holding your hand when both of you are walking. He likes to keep his feelings inside. He is not good in expressing emotion or telling you how much you mean to him. He’s honest about the fact that he’s not confident in showing the world how big his love is for you.

15. ESTP

He is probably the biggest flirt you will ever meet. He is adventurous and wants to keep his relationship exciting all the time. He is a thrill-seeker who easily gets bored when the connection between the two of you begins to be serious. He is not a fan of emotional and deep conversations, and it’s quite difficult for him to understand your sentiments in life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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