You Don’t Deserve A Confusing Love, You Deserve Something Honest

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If you find yourself trapped in a relationship that doesn’t feel right, muster the courage to walk away. You don’t have to force yourself to be with someone who keeps on making you doubt yourself. You don’t have to pretend you’re not hurting every time someone manipulates your emotions, repeatedly lies in front of you, and gives you meaningless apologies.

You’re not obligated to stay committed just because you’ve been with them for a really long time. Love isn’t measured by the length of time you’ve spent with a person. You can choose to leave when all your relationship does is bring you more pain.

You can distance yourself away from the person who is the sole reason for your tears at night. You can end your connection with someone that’s clearly on the brink of falling apart. You can say goodbye to a relationship that puts so much stress in your life because you don’t deserve to be surrounded by so much negativity.

You don’t deserve to be worried every time someone doesn’t show up in your agreed meet-up. You don’t deserve the paranoia that comes along with unanswered text message. You don’t deserve the constant wondering whether you did something wrong or something you should be sorry for.

You don’t deserve promises that never come true. You don’t deserve words and actions that aren’t genuine. You don’t deserve to only be remembered when you’re needed. You don’t deserve a love that’s less than honest, real and raw.

What you deserve is a love that will start a fire in your soul. A love that will shake your world, change your perspective, and make you question your beliefs. You deserve a love that’s so big you can’t fit it in your heart.

You deserve a love that makes you jump to your feet when nobody is looking.

You deserve a love that is open. A love that is loud and bold and will make you known to everyone. A love that is remarkable and can never be forgotten. A love between you and the person who will never hide anything from you.

Because when you really care about someone, you shouldn’t be keeping secrets from them. You shouldn’t have any personal agendas and unknown motives against them. You shouldn’t let them wonder if you’re telling the truth.

The best relationship is the one in which two people are willing to let their guards down and not be afraid to be vulnerable with each other. Being soft and honest aren’t signs of weaknesses. In fact, it takes a lot of bravery to take your mask off and show the person you love who you really are.

Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t want to express their feelings towards you. If you really matter to them, they will do everything to make you feel like they’re proud of you. They’ll swallow their prides and do unimaginable things just to show the people around you that you are loved.

You deserve a trustworthy relationship that won’t give you a reason to be guarded. You deserve a lifetime of feeling secured and protected. You deserve a love story that is built in honesty.

Don’t stop searching until you bump into the person who can bring sparkles in your eyes. Don’t stop searching until you’re absolutely sure that it’s love you’ve found. And don’t stop searching until you have all the reasons to finally settle down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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