Find A Guy Like This And Never Let Him Go

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Find A Guy Like This And Never Let Him Go

Find a guy who gets nervous the moment he first catches a glance of you. A guy who can’t find the right words to describe how stunning you look because your presence beside him suddenly makes him speechless. Finding someone who is so captivated by meeting you, that it gives him even more of a reason to pursue you, to win your heart, to love you the best that he can.

Find a guy who’s really interested in every detail of you. A guy who doesn’t get used to seeing the expressions on your face. A guy who’s willing to spend the rest of his day just to hear you talk, feel every pain that you have, reminisce all the best moments that you experienced, and step into the world that you’ve spent your whole life creating.

Find a guy who considers himself lucky to be spending time with you because he knows that you’re not the type who gives your attention to everyone. You’re not the type who stays with the wrong people, in the wrong environment, in the wrong story. You’re not the type who wastes time for something that doesn’t interest you.

Find a guy who’s going to do everything just to prove his love for you. A guy who’s willing to scream on top of his lungs just to tell the world how much you mean to him. A guy who’s ready to walk away from anyone who tells him you’re not the right one. A guy who’s proud to show his affections for you out in the open, in front of everyone.

Find a guy who vows to never leave you with a broken heart – and never ever let him go.

Don’t push him away when all he wants is to get inside your heart. Don’t let the day end without appreciating all the good things that he did for you. Don’t forget to thank him when he made you happy and made a difference in your situation.

Take his hands and invite him to join you on your journey. Include him in all your plans. Tell him everything that’s on your mind. Let him feel the beating of your heart. Give him the privilege of knowing all the fears that you have. Share with him all the dreams that are living inside your head.

You don’t always get a chance to stumble upon a guy who cares about the person that you are right now, and the person that you are becoming. You’re not always going to meet a guy who’s excited to laugh with you, dance with you, tour around the city with you until the night turns to a breaking dawn. You’re not always going to know a guy who respects you for your values and understands your upbringing.

Find a guy who promises that he’s going to be there when you need him the most and proves to you that he’s truly reliable. Find a guy who’s never going to make you feel alone because he doesn’t want to see you hurting. He doesn’t want to let you down, witness you cry, and suffer on your own. He never wants your heart to be broken because your pain becomes his pain too.

Be with the guy who can’t stomach living far away from you. Because it kills him that he can’t hold your hands, protect you when you’re in danger, comfort you when you need warmth. It worries him that your past is going to haunt you at night and he won’t be there to calm you down and help you sleep. He won’t be there to scare the demons away from you.

Find a guy whose one kiss is enough to make your day better. A guy whose one hug is enough to stop the tears that are coming out of your eyes. A guy whose one whisper is enough reminder that somebody loves you, somebody is looking after you and there’s no reason for you to be scared.

Find a guy who won’t get tired of loving you.
And always keep him within your reach. TC mark

Angelo Caerlang

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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