You Are Beautiful Even When The World Says You’re Not

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I understand the feeling of doubting yourself because of your physical appearance. I recognize that there’s a tiny voice inside your head that whispers you’re not pretty enough to be noticed by someone, you’re not outgoing enough to be datable, you’re not cool enough to have amazing friends. I am familiar with the fear that haunts you in the middle of the night and convinces you that you are never going to find the right one for you.

You’re too plain to ever stand out. You’re too conservative to find a place in this modern world. You’re too inexperienced about the rules in dating. You’re too deep that people have a hard time understanding you.

I know all these thoughts that swirl around your head like tornadoes trying to bring you down, and making sure they leave a scratch in your heart. I can relate to the days when you work up the nerve to examine your body in front of a mirror and feel a burning remorse. You blame yourself for eating too much, for sleeping less, for working too hard, for not caring enough.

You let your insecurities drag you so far into the depths of hell that you fail to realize that who you are from the inside out is what makes you original. Nobody has the same bone structures that you have. Nobody has the same combination of size, skin color, and facial expressions that you have.

Nobody is like you. And that’s beautiful. You are beautiful.

You are not defined by words that are coming from peoples’ tongues. Whatever you see in magazine doesn’t make you any less of a person. Whatever places that say you don’t fit in don’t deserve to have an incredible creature like you. Whoever belittles you and considers you as unattractive is absolutely wrong.

The only thing that matters is what you think of yourself. You have to believe that you’re beautiful, despite what you’ve been told, despite what you’ve gone through, despite your disadvantages in life. You have to be kind to yourself and love the person that you are.

Because once you’ve accepted your imperfections and be okay with them, the world is going to bring you to wonderful places. Your life is going to make so much sense and you’re going to fall in love with yourself more. Your heart is going to feel lighter, beat faster, live happier.

Everything that’s outside your body fades, but everything that’s inside of you stays forever. Your feelings and emotions and vulnerabilities are more important than what everyone sees. Your thoughts and ideas and creativity have more power to change the world than your physical appearance.

Your soul ultimately describes your beauty. And one day, someone’s going to appreciate it and fall in love with it. Someone’s going to be honored to get to know the person that’s living inside of you.

It’s not yet too late to love yourself.

You can take one small, baby step at a time. You can begin right now, right at this second, while reading this. You can rush into the mirror, smile, and be thankful for the reflection that’s staring back at you.

Everything about you is beautiful – the sound of your voice, the proportion of your body, the vibrancy in your face. Everything about you is special – the way you bend your head backward when you laugh a little too loudly, the way you jump to your feet when something excites you, the way you talk like you’re always in a hurry, like time is running out, like words can’t wait to get out of your mouth.

Everything about you is magical. You are a firework that shines bright in the middle of a dark night sky. You are a flower that blooms even at a freezing, cold weather. You are a loud noise that can never be silenced.

You are wonderful. You are powerful. But most importantly, you are beautiful. And I hope you always remember that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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