This Is For The Ones Who Never Seem To Get It Right With Love

Guilherme Veloso

This is to everyone who doesn’t know how to play games in love. The ones who respond to a text message quickly because they want to make the other person feel special. They want to show how excited they are to get to know them, communicate with them, and open their souls for them to see.

The ones who want to be honest with their emotions and not try to hide anything. Because they believe that if you truly like someone, you should let them know. You shouldn’t conceal your feelings towards them. You shouldn’t pretend like they don’t matter to you.

This is to everyone who ends up feeling alone in their relationships. The ones who never get their equal share of love. The ones who don’t give up waiting for their significant others to change, and one day give them the affection that they deserve. The ones who keep hoping that the sparks between them and their love ones will come back.

This is to the ones who gets heartbroken every time. The people who find themselves crying in front of their mirrors, blaming themselves for chasing someone who can’t love them back, hating themselves for not being able to follow the rules in love.

This is to every single soul who never became a priority, who was taken advantage of, who suffered from almost relationships.

I want you to know that you are not a failure. You are not a disgrace just because you’ve never had a success in finding the right kind of love. You are not ridiculous for sharing your big heart in hopes that it’s going to be taken care of.

There is nothing wrong with the way you show your affection. You don’t have to be ashamed by how deep you fall in love. You don’t owe anyone an apology for caring too much. You don’t have to change and conform to everyone’s standards in modern dating.

Stay different when everyone’s doing the same thing. Don’t lose hope even if your heart is tired from entertaining people who keep on leaving. And don’t give up on love.

You’re not going to meet the one who’s meant for you in your first relationship. You’re going to meet wrong people, be stuck with horrible ones, and be in pain because of them. But that’s how you become wiser. That’s how you learn your worth.

You can be careful in love, but don’t forget to take risks once in a while. Sometimes the greatest love can be found unexpectedly. You can find it to someone who can make you laugh when everybody else can’t. You can find it during the time when you think you don’t need it.

One day, you’re going to have someone’s hands to hold when you’re scared, someone’s touch to feel when you need assurance, someone’s chest to lean on when you need to rest. One day everything’s going to make sense and you’re going to get it right in love. All you need to do is to wait for that one person who’s going to walk into your life, and heal all the pain in your soul with their love.

You are complete despite your brokenness. You are unique and original and beautiful. There’s nothing to feel sorry about the way you carry yourself, about the way you love. You are worthy of sweet, romantic gestures from someone.

You have to believe that one day, love will put the right person in your life who will effortlessly make you smile. One day, you will no longer have to battle all the problems in this life alone. Your heart will no longer feel empty, and you will be able to finally look in the mirror and love the person who’s staring back at you.

One day, when the stars perfectly align, love will finally fall in your favor. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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