10 Reasons Why People Are Intimidated By Your Alpha Personality

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1. Your presence is difficult to ignore.

The moment you step your foot in a room, everyone notices you. There’s something in your aura that is so hard to ignore. People start to raise their eyebrows once you walk past them and you can quickly hear them whispering with each other. You are an alpha personality when you can easily stand out in a crowd of people even without doing anything.

2. You go after what you want.

The word “No” doesn’t exist in your vocabulary. You think of what you want to achieve and you do your best to go after it. You’re willing to sacrifice the time that you’re supposed to be spending with people in order for you to concentrate on working hard for your goals. You don’t give up, no matter how many times people discourage you. There is nothing or no one that can stop you from reaching your dreams.

3. You stand for what you believe in.

You fight for what you think is right. You let your voice be heard and stand up for injustices. People are threatened by you because they know how determined you are to win any battle you face. You never compromise your beliefs with anyone and that’s why, sometimes, people find it hard to deal with you.

4. You speak with confidence.

There’s a charisma in your voice that’s irresistible. You get everyone’s attention once a word gets out of your mouth. You are an effective speaker and you have the talent to convince those who listen to you. You’re very articulate and you’re good at finding ways to make your words relatable and easy to understand.

5. You give logical criticisms.

You’re objective with your judgments most of the time. You don’t consider someone’s feelings or your personal relationships with them when you’re constructively criticizing their work. You believe that everything gets done easily and smoothly when you let your mind decide instead of your feelings. And that’s why sometimes people think of you as cold-hearted.

6. You are highly independent.

You can perform well on your own. All your best work is done without any supervision from others. You dislike taking orders and being closely monitored by people. In order for you to produce high-quality outputs, you need to have freedom and flexibility. You can be a team player sometimes, but your job is done better if you’re doing it solo.

7. You are smart.

You’re highly competitive. There are skills you possess that set you apart and you can think critically and solve complicated problems. You know the right time to use your mind and when is the best time to rely on your heart.

8. You know what you deserve.

You’re not afraid to ask for what you deserve. You don’t wait for people to give you what is right for you; instead, you take your fate in your own hands and demand what you’re entitled to receive. Some people misinterpret your bravery as arrogance, but those who are close to you understand that it’s just your nature to be honest and frank most of the time.

9. You don’t pay attention to what others have to say against you.

You’re too strong to be affected by words from people. You live your life not caring about how others perceive you. The only two things that matter to you are: your happiness and your success. You don’t like wasting your time finding out what everyone thinks of you. If you hear bad comments from people, you just shrug, and move on.

10. You don’t regret.

You’re proud of every single decision you’ve made. You’ve never thought about going back into the past and wishing for a second chance because you’re happy and satisfied at where you are right now. You believe in your capabilities and you trust your skills to give you a brighter future. You’re not scared to take the biggest risk because you’re confident that you can handle anything life puts in your way. You choose to live life in the fast lane because you’d rather have fun in your journey and experience the thrill, rather than stay at the safe zone and follow the route that everyone is taking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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