You Owe It To Yourself To Move On And Forgive People

Parth Vyas

Some people are going to hurt you, offend you, and bring you so much pain. Some people are going to underestimate you all because you’re honest with your emotions. You’re going to have your heart be broken by someone you trusted the most.

Some people are going to take advantage of you. And you’re going to ask yourself if there’s any part of you that shows you’re an easy target.

Maybe it’s the fact that you always choose to see the good in people. Maybe you believe them when they tell you something nice. Maybe you get enticed by their special gestures towards you.

The worst part about people taking you for granted is that it takes a lot of time for you to give your trust to anyone again.

It becomes hard for you to believe in humanity. It takes all your willpower to break down your walls and let someone take a peek at what’s inside your life. It becomes hard for you to open up.

But slamming your doors to peoples’ faces because of your bad experiences in the past is only going to make you feel more alone. Resenting people is only going to make your heart heavy and poison your mind with horrible thoughts.

You can’t be completely happy in your life if you continue to remember the trauma of your past. You can’t step into a brighter tomorrow if you choose not to let go. You can’t meet the right people if you keep holding on to the wrong ones.

Maybe now is the time to say, “I forgive you” to those who brought you pain, to those who hurt your feelings, to those who turned their backs on you.

It’s time to say, “I’m moving on” so you can live with a light heart. It’s time to say, “I’m ready to meet new people” and not be afraid to give your trust again.

Maybe now is the right time for you to completely open a different chapter of your life.

You’re still young and there are so many people you have yet to meet. It doesn’t make sense if you stop exploring and looking out for new friends at this age.

Maybe you don’t really need an apology to forgive people. You can move on peacefully without waiting for a sorry.

It’s true that time can help you heal. But you are the one who’s ultimately responsible in helping your feelings mend from heartache.

Maybe now is the time to release all the pain you’ve been keeping inside of you. And maybe now is the perfect time to forgive yourself too, for letting the wrong ones in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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