This Is Why I Believe In Destiny

Toa Heftiba

I met you on the worst night of my life. I remember walking out of the train station feeling lost. I was out of my mind. I let my feet drag me along while I tried to ponder how everything in my life was falling apart.

I was so preoccupied with my own thoughts that I didn’t notice I was already sitting on the bus. I watched people across the street from the upper deck, and wondered if they were happy in their lives.

I wondered if I was the only person in that city who had a crushed soul.

I was tired from the day, and from feeling sorry for myself, so I pulled my earphones out of my bag in hopes of drowning all of my problems with music. I was about to press the play button in my phone when you waved your hands in front of my face.

“Is someone sitting here?” You asked, as you pointed a finger at a pamphlet beside my seat.

I looked at the paper and simply shook my head. I wasn’t in a mood to talk. You sat on the chair and I proceeded to listening to my playlist. I saw your lips moved from the corner of my eyes, but I assumed you were speaking to someone else.

I peeked at you and noticed that you were looking at me. I took my earphones out of my ears to give you a hint that you could repeat whatever it was that you were saying. Apparently, you were asking about the weather.

I could have ignored you, or I could have given you a death stare, because I was having a rough day — but I’m not that kind of person. I couldn’t blame you for my bad mood.

“The weather’s nice.” I answered politely. A huge part of me was hoping our conversation would die and you’d let me mind my own business, but you asked me more questions after that.

Next thing I knew, I was laughing and opening up to a complete stranger.

It’s amazing how you can meet someone and know immediately within few minutes of talking to them, that they’re going to play a major role in your life. It’s amazing how easier it is to tell all your problems to someone you haven’t known before.

It’s funny that sometimes you can trust a stranger better than the people who know you your whole life.

In world where there are so many people, it’s possible that you can meet that one person who’s going to make a difference in your story, at a certain place and at a certain time. It’s possible to feel a connection with someone you have no idea about.

Up until now, I wonder… if I would have missed a train schedule that night, if I wasn’t able to board that bus, or if I was seated in a different chair – would the world have still found a way to bring us together?

The thing is, I never believed in coincidences. I didn’t think there was a possibility that two strangers could fall in love with each other. I used to believe that you could only successfully meet the love of your life at school, at work, through friends, or through family members.

But the night that I met you was different.

Not only did you save me from the demons in my head, but you also changed the way I think. You showed me that there’s a beauty in uncertainty. You made me believe in destiny.

You brought back my faith in life. You inspired me to hope again. You gave me reasons to fight. You came into my life exactly when I needed someone like you.

I still believe that there was a purpose why the world put us together in one place. There was something in that moment that I had to learn, something that I needed to bring home with me, something that would pull me out of my misery.

That night, I started to believe in the power of destiny. I started to believe in something that I couldn’t see. I started to believe in this feeling that I could only explain as magic.

I could convince myself that our unexpected encounter was nothing special. Everything in that moment was ordinary. We were just two strangers who met on a means of public transportation. But then I couldn’t give myself a valid explanation about how we turned out to be more than just friends, after that night.

I couldn’t answer the lingering question in my mind about why in a city where there were millions of people, you were the one who sat beside me.

But maybe we were really meant to meet each other at that time.

Maybe the reason why the world brought you into my life was because it knew you were the only one who could save me during those times. Maybe you became part of my life for all the right reasons.

Maybe you came into my life so I could finally feel what it was like to fall in love. And I’m so glad that you did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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