It’s Never Too Late To Make Things Right

Kyle Wong

Maybe right now your heart is heavy with regrets. Your mind still remembers all the mistakes you made in the past. You look back and you’re unable to believe the choices you picked, the roads that you traveled, the decisions that you thought were right.

Maybe right now you’re wishing you could go back and fix everything that was wrong. You’re wishing you could take back all the harsh words that you said, all the days that you made someone feel bad about themselves, all the moments when you took the person who cared about you for granted.

Maybe right now you’re frozen and powerless. Maybe you’re thinking how horrible you were before. If only you were wiser and more mature, you wouldn’t have had such bad judgement, wouldn’t have hurt other people, wouldn’t have made bad choices, or done bad things to yourself.

But maybe it’s never too late to change, to start over, to learn from the past.

It’s never too late to be more self-aware. There is no time machine that could correct your wrongdoings in the past. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t correct them today. You can choose to become a nicer, more compassionate, loving human being. You can choose to treat people with kindness.

You have today to begin again.

You have today to forget the kind of person that you were before. You are always given a chance to apologize to those you hurt and to appreciate those that you love. Every day, you have the opportunity to leave a mark in this world.

It’s never too late to show the world how big your heart is.

You can give your biggest hug to everyone who’s important to you, as if you’re afraid to lose them, as if you’ll never see them again, as if today is the last day you’ll ever live. It’s never too late to tell your friends and family why you’re thankful for them.

You can allow yourself to fall in love again. You can prove to yourself that you’re smarter this time around, in choosing someone you’re going to share your life with. You can open your eyes more and really see someone past their physical appearances.

It’s never too late to pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

Each mistake you did in the past was just a blip in your life as a whole. You’re going to grow old one day and you’ll forget the pain of yesterdays. You’ll move into a new city, meet new people, have a new job, live in a new apartment, and feel absolutely brand new.

It’s never too late to make your life a better one.

You still have plenty of time — thousands of moments – to make a difference, to say what you’ve been holding back, to run after what you heart desires.

You still have so many things to experience and your life doesn’t have to stop just because you’re too preoccupied looking back into the past.

You can make things right. You can change what you don’t like about yourself. You can abandon what’s bringing you down. It’s never too late to become the best version of you.

And it’s never too late to build a character you want the world to remember you for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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