Be With Someone Who Makes Life Worth Living

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Be with someone who tries to make you smile after a long day. Someone who can’t stand seeing you in pain. Someone who lifts you up every time life disappoints you. Someone who wants all the best things in the world for you.

Be with someone who encourages you to never give up on life even if it gets so challenging, even if it keeps on letting you down, even if you become hopeless in living.

Be with someone who makes you feel less alone. Someone who knows exactly when to comfort you without having to ask for their presence because they know when you’re going through rough times.

They can read your non-verbal communication. They can tell if you’re struggling with something. And they do their best to take the heaviness in your heart away from you.

They do their best to remind you that you do not have to carry all the burden in this world on your own.

Be with someone who pushes you to achieve your fullest potential because they believe in you.

They see something special in you that you’re unable to notice. They support you to go after what your heart tells you to do. They cheer you up when you’re scared. They shine their lights on you and guide you when you’re lost.

Be with someone who makes living every day so worth it.

Life can be exhausting sometimes and you just have to find the right people who are going to make you forget all the problems in the world. You have to surround yourself with people who can make you laugh at any given situation.

It’s less terrifying when you know you have people in your life you can trust the most. You have people you can run into when everything in your life doesn’t make sense.

Keep looking for the ones who help you figure out who you are. The ones who are willing to share to you the secret on how to make your journey here on earth smoother and easier. The ones who never wish for you to go through the same mistakes that they did in the past.

Keep the people who take good care of you and look after you close to your heart. And don’t ever take them for granted because it’s so rare to find people like them.

You don’t always get the chance to meet people who are ready to drop everything that they’re doing just to help you.

Be with someone who wants to be part of your life today and tomorrow. Someone who’s as excited as you are about your future. Someone who makes you feel less scared about the uncertainties in life. Someone who, although doesn’t know all the answers, provides you the best advice that they can give to you.

Always choose someone who wants to be with you.

It’s true that you have control with who you want to keep in your life, but remember that you have no control about who wants to stay in your life.

Appreciate the ones who are loyal to you. And never forget that they are the ones who still love you despite your bad days.

Be with someone who makes all the sufferings in life bearable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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