23 Simple Truths I Have Finally Accepted At 23

Ihor Malytskyi

1. It’s okay to follow your heart.

When the decision you’re about to make shakes every fiber of your being, that’s how you know it’s the right move to do. Forget about the doubts and fears that you have inside your head. Not everything that you do has to be logical. It’s okay to hear your heart and let it guide you in choosing which way to go next.

2. It’s okay to stay out of your comfort zone.

Moving to a different territory is frightening. Learning to adjust in a new environment is difficult. Adopting a culture you are totally unfamiliar with can be uncomfortable. But that’s how you grow — leaving your comfort zone helps you find your purpose and figure out who you are. The world is so big and so beautiful to be left unexplored. And the only person who’s holding you back to go out there and see the world is you.

3. It’s okay to be scared of the unknown.

It’s such a scary feeling to not know whether the option that you will choose in life will make or break your future. It’s frustrating not to have an idea about what tomorrow will be like. But maybe that’s the point — you’re supposed to be scared of the unknown so you can learn to trust. You can learn to believe even in those that you can’t see. You can learn to jump even though you’re not sure if someone’s going to catch you once you fall.

4. It’s okay to have moments of weakness.

Not every day is going to be good. You’re going to have moments when you’re going to be tired and ready to give up. You’re going to be discouraged sometimes in chasing your dreams. But it’s okay to have these moments of weakness. It’s okay to admit to yourself that you have limitations and imperfections. Remind yourself that you are not the only one who’s going through rough times in life.

5. It’s okay to celebrate your wins in life.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating something that you’re proud of. You’re allowed to compliment yourself and broadcast to the world your achievements. It’s okay to have moments of strength. It’s okay to let people know that you’re happy when things are doing well in your life.

6. It’s okay to meet and befriend different people.

Your mind becomes more open once you expose yourself to people who are completely different from you. You realize how amazing it is that even if we speak different languages, we are all one in our deepest core. We share similar feelings, values, beliefs, and dreams. It’s okay to be friends with people who are not in the same age group as yours. It’s okay to trust someone outside of your race.

7. It’s okay to not know everything.

Because where is the thrill in being so good at everything that you do? You’re not here to master all the skills in the world. Life gets easier and lighter once you have accepted the truth that you are not going to be number one all the time. Someone is always going to be better than you. And you know what? That is perfectly okay.

8. It’s okay to fail sometimes.

Failing sucks. It can make you unhappy for a certain period of time. But failure is part of everyone’s journey. It’s okay to forgive yourself for all your wrongdoings. The world doesn’t end for one major mistake. Remember that it’s never too late for second chances and redemption.

9. It’s okay to be yourself.

Be yourself even if people don’t understand you, even if not everyone likes the way you carry yourself. No one has the right to tell you who you should be. Never ever change just because some people expect you to conform to their standards. Never ever compromise your identity for the sake of pleasing people.

10. It’s okay to ignore someone’s comments.

Some people aren’t going to agree with you. Some people are going to be intimidated and threatened by you. Some people are going to dislike you for no reason at all. But always choose to ignore them. Because what’s upsetting for them is when they try so hard to get under your skin, but then they realize that you don’t really give a damn. Live the life that you want, and don’t feel sorry about it.

11. It’s okay to experience hardships.

It’s easier to hate the world and blame other people when we find ourselves in terrible situations. But what we fail to realize is that hardships allow us to grow to become a stronger person. Nobody develops his or her strength by sitting all day and being comfortable all the time. It’s the pain and bruises and scars that push us to stand back up and keep fighting.

12. It’s okay to feel defeated and cry.

Some days you’re going to go home with your head down, shoulders slumped, and a broken heart. Some nights you’re going to silently cry under your blanket. And that is perfectly normal. You’re not always going to be on top of the world. It’s okay to lose sometimes, because in your moments of defeat, that’s when you learn how to be humble.

13. It’s okay to smile after a long day.

You are not crazy for smiling at the world as soon as you step out of your workplace. It’s okay to put your headphones on and hum to the sound of your favorite song as you make your way home. It’s okay to feel accomplished and be proud of yourself for surviving a long and exhausting day.

14. It’s okay to treat yourself.

Regardless of how broke you are, you deserve to buy yourself a gift. You work hard for that money and treating yourself is a great reminder for you that it is okay to reward yourself. There is nothing wrong in buying yourself a birthday present. There is nothing wrong in taking your loved ones to a fancy dinner.

15. It’s okay to say yes.

Don’t be scared of doing something that you’re not great at. The best way to acquire a new skill is to say yes to an opportunity you’re not one hundred percent familiar with. And never ever reject someone who wants to be friends with you. One day you will realize how hard it is to find someone you can totally consider as your best friend.

16. It’s okay to say no.

You’re allowed to say no when people are taking you for granted. You’re allowed to say no to an idea you don’t believe in. You have the right to resist when people deprive you of your freedom. No one gets to control your free time and if people can’t understand that, say no to them and never see them again.

17. It’s okay if people don’t understand your priorities.

People may have a hard time understanding or respecting your priorities, but always stick with them. At the end of the day, your priorities are what truly matter to you. They are your guide in living your life and building your future. Don’t worry so much about what other people have to say.

18. It’s okay to be lost.

There will be times when you don’t know where you’re going. You will have days when it seems like everything in your life doesn’t make sense. Your mind will be clouded with doubts and confusions. But know that every phase in life is temporary. You might feel so lost right now but eventually you will figure out what you want to get out of life. Time will help you realize where you truly want to be.

19. It’s okay to quit.

You’re going to miss out good things in life when you choose to stay in a place that makes you feel miserable. You owe it to yourself to leave an environment that’s slowly killing you every day. Everyone has different opinions about quitting, but always go with what makes you happy. Set yourself free from what suffocates you and holds you back from achieving your fullest potential.

20. It’s okay to find out who you are.

Searching for your purpose tests your patience and requires a lot of sacrifices. You don’t automatically find out who you are just because you’ve reached one successful milestone in life. It takes time, dedication, and effort to search for what kind of role you want to play in this world. It’s okay to give yourself a break once in a while, slow down, and ponder about the person you want to become someday.

21. It’s okay to go back home.

Home is where you run back to when your heart gets broken, when you fail in life, when you’re not sure who to trust anymore. It’s okay to close your doors for a while and heal. It’s okay to lean on and seek for help from the people who have known you since you were a kid.

22. It’s okay to start all over again.

When one chapter of your life closes, you’re given another blank page to fill up with new stories. It’s all up to you now, how you want your story to start, to change, to become something that’s full of learnings from the past. The best part about starting all over again is that you get to re-create yourself. You can leave everything behind, forget the ones who hurt you, and never look back.

23. It’s okay to forgive.

You get to a certain point in life when you realize that it no longer makes sense to resent people who wronged you in the past. You are the only one who’s responsible for making yourself unhappy by letting hate take control of your heart. You can’t go back from yesterday. There is nothing you can do anymore to fix life that you left behind. It’s okay to let go and forgive people. Everyone is moving forward in their lives. It’s time for you to move on too, and embark in a completely different path in life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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