Never Ever Settle Until You Find The Right One

Lesly B. Juarez

Never ever settle for someone whom you think is the only option. Someone you’re afraid to lose because you’re scared to be on your own. Someone who makes you feel comfortable, but never makes you feel loved. Someone you only keep in your life so you can tell people that you’re in a relationship.

Never ever settle for a relationship that doesn’t help you grow. A relationship that brings you more tears instead of smiles. A relationship that keeps you up all night thinking if it’s really the right one for you. It’s never too late to walk away from something that doesn’t make your heart happy. It’s never a sign of weakness to say no, and leave.

Never ever settle down for anything until you’re sure, in your soul, that it is what’s meant for you.

It’s okay to be picky and choose to wait. You have all the time in the world to search for the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. You are the only one who has a say about the person you want to give your heart with.

Never ever feel pressured if almost everyone around you seems to be settling down with their lives already. This is your journey in finding your one true love. It’s unnecessary to compare your situations to others. You’re only going to bring yourself down by looking over at someone else’s life instead of concentrating on yours.

We all have different timeline in our lives. Some people found their true love early, but lost them too soon. Some people spent so much time looking for the right one, but were able to share their lives with them for a really long time.

Never ever give up in waiting for your forever person.

They say good things happen to those who are patient. The universe knows exactly your sentiments and the wishes that are living in your head. It wants you to hold on. It wants you to prepare yourself for the right one, so you don’t have to commit a mistake of letting him or her go, once he or she makes an appearance in your life.

Never ever fall in love for the sake of security.

You’re allowed to take risk with love, play fire with it even. You don’t have to be scared to get hurt. You grow because of pain. And it’s always worth it to succeed in love after so many failures and heartaches.

Never ever settle until you find someone who provides you all the best things in life. Someone who completes your day. Someone who gives you the feeling that you’re on the right track. Someone who erases all the memories of the nights that you feel alone.

Never ever settle for the wrong one only because you have invested so much emotion for him or her. You can never correct your mistake if you continue doing it. You don’t get to feel what’s good unless you let go of the bad one.

You can’t know what you deserve, until you go out there, and find it.

Change is good. Staring over again is always a nice idea. And not settling down for a love that doesn’t feel right is something that you’re going to thank yourself for, one day, when you finally meet your one true love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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