9 Things You Should Know Before Dating Someone Who Is Career-Driven

Tran Mau Tri Tam

1. They barely have extra time.

If there’s one major thing you should know about someone who is career driven, it’s that they work very hard day and night. Some of them even work on the weekends. They only take rests when it’s necessary. They dedicate most of their 24 hours to the things that they love, to their career goals, to their personal plans for the future. They don’t have extra time for something that doesn’t matter to them or something that’s unimportant to them. They value their time so much and they are not happy when someone wastes it.

2. They are highly ambitious.

They know what they want and they go after it. They have visions of where they want to be one day. They have these lists they want to accomplish that can look overwhelming to some other people. They don’t like limits and their doors are always open for possibilities. They are highly ambitious, so they have a hard time keeping up with people who don’t have any idea of who they wish to become.

3. They can be impatient.

Career-driven people are doing so many things at once. They work with speed, they know the word pressure all too well, and they are always running. They have a lot of deadlines they need to meet and submissions they have to send. If you’re going to slow them down, there’s a huge chance that they are going to politely turn around from you and walk the other way.

4. They know their priorities.

Many career-driven people are misunderstood for declining invitations to attend parties or to hang out. But what most people don’t know is that they literally have so many things piled up on their plates that they must prioritize their work over their social time. If someone’s invitation is relevant to what they are doing, they can add it to their priority list. Otherwise, it’s just
going to mess up their timeline.

5. They can be hard to please.

If you’re planning to crack a joke in front of them, make sure it is something that’s not overused. They uphold high standards for themselves, so they are somehow expecting to receive the same from other people. You don’t want them to regret meeting you in the first place. People like them can be quite hard to please, but as soon as you find their soft spots and win their hearts, it is going to be hard for them to let you go.

6. They find comfort in routine.

They love schedules. They find comfort in knowing what’s going to happen after an hour, after tomorrow, after next week. They live in a world where there is a sense of security and familiarity. They easily freak out when something changes in their routine. So if you’re willing to date them, figure out a way on how you can fit to their routine. Or better yet, convince them that there’s more to life than having a systematic plan every single day of their lives.

7. They prefer to have dates at home.

This is one of the limitations of dating hard working, career-oriented people. They are almost always tired at the end of the day. They prefer to just crash on their bed or oin their living room and read a book or watch a show. They don’t have the energy to go somewhere else, meet someone else, do something else. They want to relax because they’re preparing themselves for another tomorrow. They are okay to hang out with you, but most of the time, only if it’s at home. And, especially if it’s light, intimate, romantic, and simple date.

8. They are not yet ready to marry anytime soon.

They have so many things they want to accomplish before they settle down, and marrying anytime soon isn’t just a good idea for them at the moment. They feel uncomfortable bringing the topic of marriage in a conversation, and they don’t like it when people are pushy to talk about it. They don’t like anything serious other than dating. There is no way you can convince them to tie the knot with you as soon as possible, no matter how perfect you seem to be.

9. They are not as intimidating as they may look.

They don’t always take things seriously. They have funny, silly, and childish moments too. They are still normal human beings who cry, fail, feel scared, make mistakes, get heart broken, and become confused. They have weaknesses and limitations. They have insecurities that not a lot of people know. They have skeletons in their closets they’re trying to hide. They have imperfections and flaws, just like every one of us.

And sometimes, they also wish for someone to save them from loneliness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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