Read This When Your Future Seems So Far Away


There will be moments when you will get tired of everything. There will be days when you will look at where you’re standing and you will feel like you haven’t made any progress. There will be times when you will accidentally see your reflection in the mirror and you will realize how different you look.

You will wonder where the glow in your eyes went, and when the last time you smiled was. You will recall at which point the vibrancy in your face faded. Then you will quickly feel defeated by the thought of it all.

You will feel like life doesn’t make sense to you anymore. You will lose count of how many times you’ve worked so hard, and yet, still nothing seems to be paying off. You will be sick of waiting for something different to happen in your life, something that will make you believe in yourself again, something that will keep you going.

You will grow bored of your life. You will cry over things that frustrate you. You will feel dissatisfied with where you are. You will lay in your bed, staring at your ceiling, and thinking how stuck you are in your life, in your world. You will be stressed out at how future seems so out of reach, so off the distance, so far away.

But maybe nothing in life comes easy. Maybe you’re supposed to wait for better days, and for greater things, so you can appreciate the hard work and struggles you’ve endured on your journey to get to your dream destination.

Maybe timing is trying to make you learn the value of patience.

And timing wants you to realize that you’re not going to achieve everything instantly. Sometimes it takes months or years to finally get what you want, or to arrive to the place where you heart wants you to be.

And sometimes, you just have to learn to wholeheartedly accept your situation now, and know that one day, everything will change.

One day, the tides will turn and it will feel like the world is on your side.

You are going to realize that there’s no point in looking so far ahead of you, and hoping that things are different in your life. There’s no point in sitting, fantasizing, and wishing that you can fast forward to the future.

Because you will get there eventually. Your future will look brighter than you have ever imagined. And your future will turn out to be the one you’ve always been dreaming of.

But as for now, you need to focus on your present. You need to know how to improve and strive to get better. You have to figure out the kind of person you really want to be. You have to pay attention to your heart, and learn to listen to it more often.

You need to enjoy the moments that are happening in front of your eyes, right at this second, right at this moment.

Because you don’t want to look back one day and realize you’ve lost a lot of time worrying for the things that are yet to happen. You don’t want to arrive in the future unconditioned and unprepared. You don’t want to step into the future with regrets in your heart.

You have to trust time. Trust the unknown. Trust yourself. And just let things be.

Life has a weird, yet magical way of working itself out. The thoughts that consume your mind right now will become tiny and irrelevant in the future. The opportunities that you let go will be replaced by better ones. The person who broke your heart will no longer matter to you. And you will find out that the ache in your soul hasn’t killed you.

Because you’re strong. You are a survivor. You are resilient. You are smart enough to hold on to hope, to push against boundaries, and to never ever give up. And you’re continually learning to feel okay about waiting.

You’re continually believing that one day, you’re going to look behind you, and be overwhelmed by how far you’ve come. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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