I Hope You Don’t Get Tired Of Waiting For Your Forever Person

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When you’ve lost a relationship or when someone has cheated on you, I hope that you don’t give up and lose your faith in love. When the world is sleeping, and you can barely close your eyes, I hope that you find enough strength to survive the night. When your heart is hurting and you’re unable to get out of the bed, I hope you remember the people who love you.

I hope you don’t consider your relationship fall outs as a way for you to close your doors to the possibility of falling in love again. Because your failures don’t define you, and your heartache won’t kill you.

I hope that you allow time to heal the cuts in that tiny muscle inside your chest. And I hope that you take your time to rebuild the confidence that you lost, when someone walked away from you.

You see, life doesn’t give a guarantee to every one of us that we’re going to find our one true love the first time around, or second time around. Sometimes it takes a lot of trials, and struggles, and years of waiting for someone who’s going to promise us a lifetime of companionship. It takes a lot of tears, and shattered heart, and broken soul before you achieve the kind of love that you’ve been wishing for.

So I hope you don’t get tired of waiting for your forever person. Trust fate no matter how impossible it looks like for you to meet someone who’s going to make your body feel alive, and your heart warm. Let fate take control because it knows when you’re ready to meet the love of your life. It knows the right place and the right time for you to experience love in the most magical way.

Fate doesn’t make you wait for any reason. Fate isn’t cruel for withholding your forever person. Fate isn’t blind to see the tears that fall across your cheeks whenever you’re lonely.

Fate wants you to wait patiently. Fate wants you to be prepared to face the challenges in loving someone. Fate wants to give you the kind of love that is slow, but sure, and will last forever.

So quit being impatient by your lack of romantic partner. Quit comparing yourself to others – everyone has his or her own journey. Quit feeling sad about your loneliness. Quit thinking that you’re so much behind in life. Quit believing that you’re going to grow up alone.

Because you are not bound to adventure this life solo.

You are destined for someone who’s going to drape their arms over your shoulder as you watch the sun goes down. You are destined for someone who’s going to look past through your flaws and imperfections. You are destined to experience the love that’s going to give you an endless thrill, and make your world upside down. You are destined for a love that gives you a reason to get out of the bed.

But for now, keep being patient. Keep the fire in your heart burning. And keep believing that waiting for your forever person is, one day, going to be so worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

Keep up with Angelo on Instagram, Twitter and theangelocaerlang.wordpress.com

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