This Is The Kind Of Friendship That I Know Will Last A Lifetime

Clarisse Meyer

I have made a lot of friends in my life. Some of them I thought would stay in my life forever, but only made a temporary role in my story. Some of them I never imagined I would be friends for a long time, but turned out to be the ones who made a huge impact in my life.

I have learned that people who really want to be with you will make an effort to stay beside you, without any excuse. I have learned that people do come and go – and that’s okay. I have learned that you can’t beg people to come follow you on the same path in life.

You can’t ask them to share some of their time with you when they have other priorities. You can’t force them to be the same person they promised you they’d be when they want to change.

You can’t make them stay when all they want is to go.

And as much as it hurts to grow apart from the people who once were important to you, what’s really important at the end of the day is to cherish the people who chose to stick by your side.

It’s important to take care of the people who show you the kind of friendship that lasts a lifetime. Because friends who appreciate you and consider you as their best friend will always find a way to reach out to you. They will clear a part of their schedule just to have a chat with you at a coffee shop or have dinner dates with you. They will feel your pain when your heart breaks into tiny pieces and they will give you the words that you need to hear, words that will give you comfort.

They will never think of you as clingy on the days that you need someone you can talk to. They will always be there for you no matter what, in the same way that you will be there for them.

A friendship is meant to last a lifetime when it has been tested by time and yet it still stands strong. It is the one that stays in your heart and will never be erased.

It will always be the second home you run to when you badly need a sense of security and familiarity. It will never grow cold. It will never grow strange.

A friendship is meant to be spent with the people who will not hide anything from you, because you trust each other, you know each other, you love each other. You can tell them any type of problems that you have and they will never judge you as weak, they will never consider you as annoying, they will never think of you as too emotional. You can plan any type of adventure with them and they will make sure to come with you, without changing their minds.

A friendship is not easy to keep forever. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifices. It’s going to challenge your understanding, your patience, and your sympathy. And sometimes it’s going to make you angry, sad, and hurt. But it will make you laugh, feel joyful, and content. It’s going to make you be thankful for having them in your life, for being their world.

A friendship is real when you can look at your friends and suddenly, you can’t stop laughing, you can’t stop smiling. You can’t help but feel unsatisfied with the amount of time that you spend with them. You can’t help but feel like you don’t want to leave their side.

You don’t want to stay away from the people who make you feel as if you’re always belonged. You don’t want to live a life without the people who understand how weird and crazy you are. You don’t want distance and time to hinder your love for them.

You want to keep them close to your heart. Because friends who make you feel complete, and make your world a better place, are the ones that are worth keeping forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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