Sometimes An Ending Can Be Beautiful

Surachet Khaoropwongchai

Sometimes I wonder why we lose someone we love. Why did they have to go away, why did they have to be taken away from us?

I wonder why the relationships we fought so hard had to end. I wonder why someone who we trusted with all our hearts turned out to be the one who destroyed us.

I wonder why we keep falling in love with the wrong people.

I wonder why the universe can be so cruel and unfair sometimes. I wonder why we find the person who’s meant for us, but we meet in the wrong place and in the wrong time.

I wonder why we fall in love with something, and then eventually want to separate from it.

Sometimes I wonder how you can stare at your reflection in the mirror, and admire how beautiful you are, but know that soon it’s going to be replaced by wrinkles and blemishes. I wonder why a bouquet of colorful flowers decays after few days, or why plants wither without water sustenance.

I wonder why some of our memories vanish out of our minds after few years.

Sometimes I wonder why we have to leave the places that we feel safe and comfortable. I wonder why we have to cry over losing someone, and ache for those we leave behind. I wonder why a beautiful day turns into dark nights.

But then I stand up from where I’m sitting, look at the wide stretch of sky outside my window, and see the majestic the moon that shines above me. I see how it reminds me that there’s still a light at the end of the day, at the end of everything.

I see that endings aren’t always sad or heartbreaking. I realize that, just like the moon, endings can be beautiful too.

I realize that maybe we lose people so we can learn not to take everyone around us for granted. Maybe we need to stop concealing our feelings and tell the people who mean to us how much we love them. Maybe we need to build the courage to speak up about what we feel and what we think while still have the chance, while we still have time.

I realize that maybe relationships end because they have served their purpose in our journey, and maybe we’re meant for something else, something better.

I realize that sometimes the universe is testing our patience. Maybe it’s challenging our faith in love. Maybe it’s checking how far, how long we can hold on to loving someone who is away from us.

I realize that maybe the reason why our forms, shapes, and sizes change is so we can remind ourselves how much we’ve grown, and how much wiser we’ve become.

Maybe things wither, so we can learn to let go. We can learn to accept the reality that not everything lasts forever. And holding on to the things that we lost can do us no good.

Maybe good things end sometimes because we’re destined for something greater than the ones that we lost.

Maybe the night swallows the day so we can take a rest, prepare for a new tomorrow, and start again.

Maybe endings are created so we can stop, pause, reflect, and see how far we’ve come and conquered. Maybe endings teach us to love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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