I Need Your Love To Strengthen Me

Paul Bence

I am exhausted. I am tired of the nights that I stay awake thinking about what I want do with my life, where I want to be, and why the future seems to be out of reach. I am worn out of waiting for things to make sense, for things to become better.

I grow weak as I try to face any challenges that life gives me. I am only inches away from surrendering. And the fire inside me is slowly fizzling out.

But I want your love to strengthen me.

I want to fall in the comfort of your arms, and sob until my tears run dry. I want to hear the beating of your heart and be overwhelmed by the sound of it. I want your soft skin to touch the parts of me that so badly need healing. I want your strong shoulder to give me the serenity that I seek.

I want to stare at your eyes for as long as I want, for as long as I can. I want the windows of your soul to remind me why I’m still here, existing, breathing, trying.

I want you to remind me that I am loved. I want you to hug me and whisper in my ears that I am not alone. Tell me that you are not going to leave me. Convince me that I am more than my bad decisions, more than my horrible past, more than my regrets. Assure me that with you, there is nothing to be scared about.

There is no reason be startled by the uncertainties, by the unknowns. There is no way that history repeats itself. There is no point in worrying over minuscule things.

I want your love to save me in this dizziness, and confusions, and doubts, and fears. I want your love to lift me up from lying on the cold, dirty ground.

I want your love to show me how to live life again. I want your love to bring back my trust in fate.

Because I am done clinging to the darkness. I am done romanticizing my sadness.

I want to follow the strips of light with you. I want to chase our dreams to the ends of the earth. I want to run away to the place where I can open my arms widely and embrace the fresh, cool air with you. I want to spend the rest of the day getting to know every single detail of what makes you special. And I want to spend the rest of the night cuddling with you while we are surrounded by our silence, while we are lost in our different thoughts.

Because you are my favorite person in the world. You hold the only key to my heart. You are the words, and sentences, and paragraphs that define forever to me.

You are a reminder for me to continue to live, to continue to breathe, to continue to love you, until the end. You are the one reason why my world still feels like a magical place.

And your love is enough, in my never-ending pursuit of contentment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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