I Hope You Finally Find The One You’re Looking For

Jairo Cajilma

I hope your heart doesn’t feel lonely anymore. I hope you don’t long for someone who’s no longer part of your life. I hope you stop doubting yourself, or feeling insecure, or thinking that you’re missing out so much in life.

I hope you avoid replaying memories from your past, and instead start living your life, right at this moment.

I hope you pause for one second, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let go.

I hope you start appreciating how incredible you are, how beautiful you look when you smile, how pleasant your voice sounds like when you talk. I hope you start finding reasons to fall in love with yourself, and with the life that you have. I hope you regain your confidence, take risks, and open yourself again — to the world, to fate, to opportunities, to the person who’s going to be captivated by you.

And I hope you finally find the one you’ve been waiting for.

I hope you find someone who’s going to stay forever in your life. Someone you can stare at all day, and will never get used to. Someone you can listen to and will make you think that you’re luckiest person in the world. Someone who looks majestic, even under the light of a dawn.

I hope you find someone you can consider as both your best friend and lover. Someone you can play board games with on Saturday night in your pajamas, and spend your lazy Sunday mornings with in your bed. Someone you can disclose your deepest, ugliest, darkest secrets to and know they will not judge you. Someone who will laugh at your embarrassing stories, rather than unknowingly criticize you.

I hope you find someone whom you can feel at ease and comfortable with, even during quiet times.

I hope you find someone who will always be there on good times, and bad times. I hope you find the person who will not stray away from you when you say something awful, when they see a bad side of you, when they learn something disappointing from your past.

I hope you find the one who will choose to stay, even if the weather changes, even if your journey together gets rocky, and even if the whole world seems to be against both of you.

I hope you never stop wishing for the person who will come into your life, and fill the empty space in your heart.

I hope you maintain the sparkles in your eyes, the confidence in your voice, the brightness in your smile, and the joy in your face. I hope you keep dancing through life, keep infecting people with your laughter, and keep shining with your light.

I hope you don’t change and feel insecure for being who you are.

Because that person you’re wishing on stars for, will one day come into your life at the most mind-blowing, unexpected time.

And I promise you that it will feel like a sweet victory. TC mark

Angelo Caerlang

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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