Find A Guy Who Fights For You

Find a guy who’s willing to accept all the challenges that he’s going to face in his relationship with you. A guy who protects you at all costs because he can’t stomach seeing you in danger. A guy whose heart breaks whenever he sees tears that flow from your eyes. A guy who puts your safety as his top priority.

Find a guy who will do everything just to be with you. A guy who will fly across the world just to see you. Because he can’t live another day without hearing your voice in person, without seeing how beautiful you are under the natural light, without brushing his lips against yours. A guy who will always search for an opportunity to meet you halfway, with no excuses, with no skepticism, with no fear.

Find a guy who fights for you, for your love, and for the relationship that he promises you with. Because there is no other guy like him.

He is brave for standing up to anyone who questions his life’s choices. He is loyal for staying with you, even though everyone convinces him to find another one. He is a gentleman for soothing yo, when your feelings get hurt from all the negative words that you’ve heard.

Be with the guy who can’t imagine being with anyone else but you.

A guy who’s open to discuss why he chooses you in the first place, why he’s proud of you, and why he’s determined to spend the rest of his life with you.

Be with a guy who puts his words into action. Like when he says he’s going to make it on time, he shows up not even a minute late. When he says your relationship with him is secured, he’s going to make an effort to prove it. When he says “I love you,” he truly means those words wholeheartedly, and in all sincerity.

Be with the guy who’s honest when he grows weak while he fights for his love, and seeks for your help when he needs it. Because a real guy doesn’t play pretend to be tough.

A real guy doesn’t love you in the dark, or behind the shadows. A real guy shouts his affection for you out in the open, loudly, boldly, unapologetically.

Find the guy who supports you when your fear knocks you one step backward. A guy who’s quick to catch you when you lose your balance. A guy who encourages, guides, and lights your path as you get scared to face your demons in life. A guy who reminds you, and assures you that he’s right behind you, to save you when you don’t win any battle that you take on.

Find the guy who’s certain, in his caring heart, that you’re the only person who he deems worth fighting for.

And never let him go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Angelo Caerlang

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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