Date Someone Who Wants To Fix You

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Date someone who acknowledges and accepts your weaknesses, brokenness, and stubbornness. Someone who knows exactly what they’re getting into before taking a risk on you. Someone who’s willing to face any challenge that come along with loving you. Someone who sees your imperfections, and still thinks that you’re the most beautiful creature in their eyes.

Date someone who’s not scared by the ghosts of your past.

Because they believe in your ability to look past through your painful experiences, and your willingness to keep moving forward in your life. They believe in your strength and determination to fight the demons that haunt you sometimes. They believe that eventually you are going to give yourself the permission to love again.

Date someone who wants to heal and fix every broken part of you.

Someone who wants to caress the ache in your soul. Someone who wants to help you gather the shattered pieces of your heart, put them back together, and make you whole. Someone who makes each horrible day survivable by their presence in your life.

Date the person who comforts you and doesn’t let go of your fingers when you get to remember the mistakes and failures you’ve had in the past.

Date someone who’s not afraid to fall deeper into love with you, despite the information that they have heard, or learned about you. Because they don’t care about your yesterdays. They don’t care about the person you were, and the world that you lived in. They don’t care about the sadness that brought you down and the nights that you couldn’t sleep. They are not interested with the dreams that you never achieved, and the battles that you lost.

They are interested with the version of you that they see in front of them. They care about your potential to become a better person.

They want to love you regardless of your baggage and scars. They want to take care of you and stay beside you. They want to guide you as you overcome your struggles. They want to understand every tear, and every fear that you have whenever you encounter your nightmares.

They want to shield you and protect you from any harm.

You see, it’s so rare to find and meet someone who doesn’t give up on you, no matter how challenging it is to love you sometimes. It’s not every day that you come across with someone who puts their faith in you.

So cherish them, and allow them to fix you.

Allow them to see every side of you including your vulnerabilities. Let your guard down and believe in their genuine intentions towards you.

Don’t be scared to fully open up yourself to them. Because they only want the best for you, and they only want to see you shine again. They only want to bring back that big smile on your lips before the clouds rained on you.

They only want to prove to you that you’re more beautiful when you smile from ear to ear.

And they want you to trust them with all your heart. Get to know them, and love them too. Don’t push them away. But instead, let them stay by your side.

Because having someone who fights with you makes every trial in life worth conquering. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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