This Is The Kind Of Man You Should Settle Down With

 Alvin Mahmudov
Alvin Mahmudov

Settle down with the guy who brings you flowers, even without a special occasion, because he knows that they bring sunshine to your day and make you grin from ear to ear. Someone who is happy to witness your priceless reaction whenever he surprises you with a touching gesture, and never runs out of creative ideas to make your heart go wild.

Settle down with a man who says one thing and truly means it. Because a guy like him values his words of honor and always wants to be sure that his credibility is never tarnished.

Settle down with a guy who doesn’t promise something he can’t keep, so he can avoid hurting people and letting them down. A guy who cares deeply about your emotion and sympathizes in your pain because he believes that everyone’s feelings and thoughts are valid.

Settle down with a guy who is naturally born as gentleman. Someone who opens the door for you and lets you go out first, someone who calls your parents Ma’am/Sir and acknowledges them with utmost respect, someone who is not going to pressure you to do something you’re uncomfortable.

A guy like him is so rare to find in this age when men have become vain, and think too highly of themselves. In a world where boys never seem to grow up, or bachelors who appear to be eligible enough to marry, but eventually turn out to be the kind of guys who keep giving excuses that they’re not yet ’emotionally’ ready to commit.

Never let go of someone who is still willing to show you his best self, even after Valentine’s Day. Someone who plans to date you every week and takes you out on romantic places so he can further get to know you, and understand the core of your soul.

Someone who recognizes that love is more of an intangible thing rather than a physical thing. Someone who defines intimacy as a sacred act.

Hold onto a guy who doesn’t only call you when he needs something from you. Someone who doesn’t consider you as an after-thought when he’s done having fun, a second option when his number one priority doesn’t work out, or the person he remembers when he gets bored.

Someone who doesn’t make you feel insecure, but rather, brings out the best in you.

Settle down with a man who’s excited to celebrate every Valentine’s Day, every birthday, every anniversary, and every occasion with you.

Hold onto a guy who sees your strength and abilities as admirable, rather than a threat. Someone who doesn’t use his male ego to intimidate you, to underestimate you, or to silence you.

Love a guy who feels confident and comfortable in expressing his feelings towards you, and never gets embarrassed about them. Be amazed with his bravery to intertwine his fingers with yours in front of his friends.

And believe him when he tells you that he adores you, in the middle of the night, in his sleepy voice.

Settle down with a guy who writes you thousands of words just to explain his big heart, and big love for you. A guy who expresses his current thoughts by sending you a song, or even a whole album to listen to. Someone who mimics an actor from a romantic film, and delivers a dialogue that is intended to melt your heart.

Settle down with a guy who not only looks forward to spend the 14th of February with you, but every day for the rest of his life.

A guy who promises you that you are going to be his only Valentine, now and forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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