Maybe This Time Around We Can Be More Than Friends

Sophia Sinclai
Sophia Sinclai

Maybe this is the right time to rewrite our story and start again. Maybe this time the world is finally on our side and won’t separate us in two different directions. Maybe our love for each other will be sweeter the second time around because we realize that every day is not the same without us being together. Maybe right now is the perfect chance to prove to everyone else that our tale can truly survive against all odds.

Maybe I’ve became more mature now, and understand how life works. Maybe I am more diligent in finding the secrets to success, and more practical and able to see the value in saving money for the future. Maybe I’m less clumsy than the last time you saw me, and maybe my gestures have changed to more composed, calm, and calculated. Maybe I achieved little things in life that will make you proud of who I’ve become.

Maybe I’m no longer the one you cringe at for being way too emotional, for constantly worrying if I impress you enough, and for being too hesitant to bring our relationship to the next stage. Maybe I have learned to not always talk fast, walk fast, and move fast.

Maybe I have learned to give myself time to slow down and appreciate things.

Maybe you’ve changed for the better, too. Maybe you finally know that it’s okay to loosen up a little bit and be more open with your feelings. Maybe you now know that the world will not end if you say ‘I love you’.

Maybe you’ve learned how to be more accepting of everyone’s differences. Maybe you smile now, at strangers who look at you, and are more engaging in conversations, even those that do not interest you.

And maybe after we’ve evolved immensely in our separate ways, we can find our way back to each other’s hearts and become more than just friends. Maybe this time we can stop ignoring the flames that are burning in our hearts and just be affectionate with each other, without feeling embarrassed. Maybe we can move past through, ‘how are you?’ ‘I’m fine,’ stage and just automatically share stories of how our days went.

Maybe we can re-enact the good times that make our hearts jump with joy.

Maybe we can have more after-dinner walks and lose track of time as we count the stars above the city skyline. Maybe we’ll indulge in the moments where we snuggle with each other on the couch and talk for hours about anything that we can think of. Maybe we’ll forget what it feels like to sneakily send silly text messages to each other while we are at our jobs. Maybe we can laugh again about a lame joke or about something someone did, until our bellies hurt.

Maybe we miss those memories so much that our hearts ache just by remembering them.

Maybe we want those memories back so we can cover the emptiness that we feel.

Maybe we miss living in the world that we build exclusively for each other.

Maybe we should give ourselves another try.

I hope that this time around we can be fully grown individuals and make our relationship work. I hope that we can love each other in reality, rather than in alternate universe.

I hope that when you look at my pictures on social media, you wish to be standing and grinning there beside me. I hope you have already contemplated that I am the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. I hope that you appear, surprisingly, in my life and tell me that you can’t live another day without me.

I hope that this time, our love won’t end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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