I Hope You Find Someone Better

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I hope you find someone who will slowly lessen your loneliness until completely goes away. Someone who will not run away after seeing the rifts in your heart, but instead will go out of the way to save you. Someone who will come back to you when you scrape your knees on the ground, offer their hands for you to take, and guide you as you stand back up.

I hope you find someone who will care about the troubles that are living inside your head. Someone who will understand why you overthink. Someone who will honestly tell you everything that on his mind, so you will not have to worry and doubt yourself.

I hope you find someone who will always check on you, to see if you’re okay. Someone who will not be able to sleep sound at night without knowing if you arrived harmless in your place. Someone will make sure that you’re emotionally safe and comfortable with them.

I hope you find someone better than the last person you loved.

I hope that when you will be ready to enter in a relationship again, you will carefully choose someone whom you will be certain about spending your future with. I hope you will not settle for less. I hope you will not commit to someone who will treat you less than your value.

I hope that time has helped you enough to grow more mature. I hope you ponder intelligently about the decisions you will be making about love. I hope you get it right next time.

I hope you find the right one.

I hope you find someone who will be able to handle your enthusiasm about life, your loud and energetic vibes, your total independence, and your passion in pursuit of your dreams. I hope you find the person who will help you grow and flourish. I hope you find someone who will bring out the best in you, because they know that you look stunning in your confident skin.

I hope you find someone who will make dating simple. Someone who will want more than just casual. Someone who will not be afraid to show you, and tell you their feelings. Someone who will not be interested in playing by the rules of a dating game. Someone who will not keep a tally of who text first and last.

I hope in today’s modern dating world, you will find the one who will be on the same page with you about a long-term relationship.

I hope you’re still the kind of person who believes in happy endings. I hope you don’t give up in search for your compatible lover, no matter how uncertain you are about when that person will take a major role in your life. I hope you keep the light in your soul, because that person you’re waiting for so long will eventually come.

And I hope you don’t lose faith. TC mark

Angelo Caerlang

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

Seeds Planted In Concrete

This poetry collection by Bianca Sparacino is an assembly of words that celebrates the resilience of the human heart through stages of hurting, feeling, healing and loving.

“Be alone. Eat alone, take yourself on dates, sleep alone. In the midst of this you will learn about yourself. You will grow, you will figure out what inspires you, you will curate your own dreams, your own beliefs, your own stunning clarity, and when you do meet the person who makes your cells dance, you will be sure of it, because you are sure of yourself.”

★★★★★ “One of the best, if not the best, modern poetry collections you can read. Absolutely incredible. Her words are so wise, intricate and delicate that you feel them caressing your soul. I love this book, I love it so very much.” —Hayder

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