Here’s What Happens When You Follow Your Heart

Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell

If it’s a choice between doing something that your heart wants and doing nothing about it – I say go for it and do it. Don’t let your fears and doubts hold you back. Because when you decide to say no to one thing that you always love, you’re going to look back one day, and your memories will be filled with regrets.

So listen to what your heart tells you, and commit to it.

Ignore the part of your brain that says you are going to fail. Remind yourself to be positive, to say yes to everything even if it frightens you, and to look at both sides of the coin as a win-win situation.

Follow your heart no matter how ridiculous it might seem.
Follow your heart despite the disapproval of people around you.
Follow your heart because you will learn a lot more about courage.

You will learn how to be independent by packing your bags and moving to a different state or country. You will be surprised to discover more about yourself while living far away from the comfort of your hometown. You will transform into a responsible, mature human being who can depend on his/herself.

You will learn how to admit your feelings to someone you fall head over heels for. You will develop the confidence to send them a long text message, or an open letter, or a video that will explain your love for them. And even though your relationship with them might not turn out so well, you will learn how to move on.

Because that’s what you do when you don’t succeed – you get back up, and you move on.

You will learn to say no to anything or anyone that will let you down. You will not feel guilty for declining an invitation to a party that will only make your heart feel heavy with remorse by the end of the night. You will realize that there is nothing wrong with choosing not re-connect with people who will trigger you to remember your painful memories.

You will learn that it’s normal to pass, to turn around, to walk away, and to say “No thank you.”

But you will also learn how to say yes more often.

You will learn to agree to anything that makes you jump to your feet, clap your hands with excitement, or laugh endlessly. You will accept help from anyone who will offer it, and then give help to them too when they will need it. You will learn how to nod your head, and take any challenges that will come along your way.

You will learn that people will forget all the embarrassing things you did in the past.

You will learn to let go, and let your heart be in control. Because your heart has a mind of its own, and it wants to guide you to walk in the direction you really want to go.

Your heart wants you to live life with openness, to only do things that you love, and to act with no regrets. So stop overthinking, over-analyzing, and over-weighing the pros and the cons. Just go ahead, and follow your heart.

Find your passion. Adventure on. Confess your secret. Leave your hometown. Live abroad. Quit your job. Embrace change. Start again. Say yes. Be brave. Say no. Let go.

Please hear your heart out because it wants you to live. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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