You Will Love Again

Nehemiah Ray
Nehemiah Ray

You will love again, despite the holes inside your heart that haven’t healed yet. You will love again, no matter how many times your mind repeatedly says you won’t. You will try to love again, even though you have been tormented by so many people that walked over you and mistreated you like you had no worth to them. You will love again, no matter how difficult it will get.

You have to, because you deserve to live a life that allows your heart to beat with nothing but joy. You have to, because you can’t be the person who thinks he or she is unlikable. You have to, because life is more beautiful when you journey it with someone.

You will forget all the failed relationships you ventured into and unrequited romance that destroyed your confidence. You will love again, with that heavy heart full of stitches, and doubt at first whether it is worth the danger of hurting yourself once more. But you will strive to let your guard down and take the risk of putting yourself out there again. Because there’s no harm in hoping that it’s going to be a good love story this time around.

You will love again and allow a person, who is willing to fight for you, play a major role in your life. You will love again, so you can give someone a chance to prove to you that your heart is a fragile gem that needs to be taken care of. You will love again, and find someone who’s going to show you a world different from the dark places you have been through with the wrong people; someone who’s 100 percent sure about you and promises you that you’re safe with them.

You will love again for redemption, for correcting the mistakes you did in the past, for pulling yourself out of your misery, for creating a new story with someone better.

You will love again because you deserve to smile and laugh after all the times that your face has been expressionless. You will love again, and have that excitement of hearing your phone beep with notification because you know it comes from someone special to you. You will love again because you can’t allow loneliness to hover above you and attack you whenever it wants. You will fight against it and trust someone enough to let them help you. You will love again because life is brighter when you have someone to hold hands with during good days, and a shoulder to lean on during bad days. You have a motivation to wake up for another morning all the while knowing that one other soul is counting on you.

You will love over and over again, until you find the right person for you.
You will not stop because you’re not a quitter.
You will not give up because you’re a fighter.

You will hope to find the light that will lead you to the place where someone is waiting to love you with all that they have.

You will keep looking, keep searching, and keep striving, because no amount of hard work goes unpaid in the end.

You will love again with that soft heart of yours. You will love again because love has always been beautiful. You will love again because you are more than a broken person. You will love again because you are brave enough to let someone in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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