You Deserve Better

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You deserve more than a cold text message when you can’t give what the other person wants. You deserve someone who respects you for the principles you uphold; someone doesn’t become extremely upset if you’re unable to provide them what they need because you’re just not ready yet; someone who sees value in right timing and understands the virtue of patience because they know that love overpowers lust in the long run.

You deserve better than someone who forces and pressures you to do anything that makes you feel uneasy in your own skin. You do not need to give up the beliefs you have built all these years for someone who just recently comes in your life — it is not worth the compromise.

You deserve more than broken promises. You deserve someone who has words of honor, like when they say they are going to be in a certain place in a specific time, they are going to make it not even later than 10 minutes and with no made-up excuses; someone who is not going to let you down in front of your family or friends and actually shows up on dinner occasions and dresses appropriately to impress them; someone who doesn’t cancel dates last minute when you’re all giddy and prepared to see them again.

You deserve better than a person who keeps setting you up for a loss.

You deserve more than being ghosted. You deserve someone who is going to be always around once they start professing their feelings towards you, not when they only show they like you, tell you lovely words for a week, then completely shut you down afterwards for no reason and leave you hanging without any warning. You deserve better than someone who is responsible for keeping you awake at night and driving you into constant paranoia about anything you might have done wrong.

You deserve better than the days that you live with a troubled mind, with self-pity and self-comparison, with insecurities that are perpetuated by someone who makes you feel like crap.

You deserve someone who is willing to return the feelings you share with them; someone who thinks of you most of the day just the same way that you do; someone who replies to you quickly and is not going to make you stare at your phone anxiously while you wait for their feedback tirelessly.

You deserve to be more than just an option.

You deserve someone who is going to hold true to their promises of making you their first choice; someone who is honest with what exactly is your role to their lives.

You deserve better than being treated less than your value. You deserve better than always feeling uncertain about yourself.

You do not have to hold onto the person who uses your weakness against you.

You do not have stay when you begin to question your trust for someone.

You do not have to feel guilty if you want to call it off with them.

You do not have to be petrified to face tomorrow with no one by your side.

It’s better to be alone than to be with someone who dims your confidence, and is the reason why you doubt yourself.

So don’t settle. Keep looking. Be lionhearted. Have patience. Until you finally find someone you deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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