Dear Friends, Thank You For Being My Home

Clarisse Meyer
Clarisse Meyer

Thank you for making me smile when I was downhearted and felt like my days were dragging through the same story over and over again. I will always remember the jokes you rehearsed just to cheer me up, and the brutally honest truth you gave me when I needed them. Thank you for coming over to my house uninvited and forcing me to go outside with you on a weekend when all I wanted to do was sleep all day and lay in my bed.

Thank you for bringing color into my world that was slowly becoming black and white, for always reminding me that agony doesn’t sit well with my personality, and for yelling at me to keep my heart intact.

Thank you for all the fun times we shared. I don’t think I’ll ever get the same set of kind-hearted friends who cry over Disney movie endings. Thank you for the hours we spent owning the world. I’m not sure I’ll ever come across such wonderful, thick-skinned friends who erupt into uncontrollable laughter at coffee shops and don’t care about the icy stares from people around us.

Thank you for the adventures that helped me prove to myself that I’m stronger than I imagined. I don’t know if I’ll ever meet brave-spirited friends who risk their lives by sitting at the tip of a cliff for the sake of good Instagram shots, who explore the depths of an ocean for the sake of unique experience, who immerse themselves to unfamiliar territories for the sake of thrill.

Thank you for showing me how to live a life that is worth remembering.

Thank you for being the same person when we run with each other at a grocery store, even after a really long time that we haven’t spoken. Thank you for giving me the same feels when you pronounce my name or nickname right; although it was a couple of years ago since you last uttered it. Thank you for making me feel loved and lighthearted after a quick catch up with you.

You’ve made me realize that life isn’t only about finding purpose, or looking for your better half, or being successful, but also searching for friendships that will last for a lifetime.

Thank you for being there to guide me when I lost sight of where I was headed. Thank you for giving me hardcore advice exactly when I need it, for grilling me until I realized I was wrong, for patiently listening to me when I was frustrated at how my life painted out.

You are the solid foundation that I hold into during the moments that I lose someone I love. You are the safe haven I run into when I can’t trust anyone.

Thank you, my dear friends.

I would not have made it this far without your presence. You all are my guardian angels. I will always remember your faces, wherever part of the world I end up, or whatever situation I fall into. You all are my main source of happiness, and my inspiration to keep pushing forward.

Thank you, my dear friends.

You have become an integral part of my heart that nobody can replace. I’m grateful for every single second that we’ve shared with each other. I have no idea about what the future holds, but there’s one thing that will not change: you will not be forgotten.

So, thank you, really, for all the times that you were my home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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