One Day Someone Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

via Unsplash - Greg Rakozy
via Unsplash – Greg Rakozy

You’ve grown so good at convincing yourself that you will never get the love that you deserve. You’ve been too preoccupied by your doubts that you can’t help but be unaware of icing-out anyone who comes near your personal bubble. You’ve been looking down at your feet for so long that you fail to see everyone around you.

You have mastered the comfort of solitude, independence, and contentment.

But someday, someone’s going to suddenly pop-up in your life out of thin air and will try to get to know you.

Someone’s going to bombard your inbox with text messages and voice mails that greet you good morning or ask how your day is.

Someone’s going to annoy you, telling you stories, bother you to share a piece of yourself with them, and still persevere in talking to you despite your turn-downs.

Someone’s going to passionately prove themselves to you just to win you over through their hard-work and patience.

Someone’s going to make you bite your cheeks on the inside because you’re attempting so hard to suppress a smile whenever they surprise you.

Someone’s going to make you roll your eyes for their cheesy, romantic punch lines and undying words of affection.

Someone’s going to make you sing and dance in the shower and become the reason for you to use the most aromatic body wash in your bathroom’s cabinet that you’ve been ignoring before.

Someone’s going to create an effort to make a long distance relationship work and have your confidence that they will never cheat on you regardless, of the mountains and oceans that separate you two.

Someone’s going to tell you “I love you” and while you can’t believe it, they will look you in the eyes and promise you that it’s for real.

Someone’s going to care about your deep philosophies late at night and listen to your irrelevant rants about that rude passenger you sat with this morning.

Someone’s going to pull you off on your deadliest poison, whether it’s 2 packs of cigarettes per day or 2 bottles of red wine per night.

Someone’s going to encourage you to do your best at work or to get a high score on your final test or to focus on improving your art or to finish that project you started or to simply be kind to the strangers you are going to meet today.

Someone’s going to inspire you with his or her monumental faith and gigantic love for Allah or Buddha or God and help you keep your belief stronger.

Someone’s going to make you appreciate the lyrics in every love songs you hear and romantic lines in every movie you see.

One day someone’s going to make you realize that leaving or being left behind is in the past, and no longer matters anymore. One day you will no longer have to worry about growing old alone.

One day you will not fear rejections any longer because you know you’ll receive acceptances from that someone, no matter what. One day someone’s going to kneel in front of you, ask you to become their missing half for better or for worse, and sweep you off your feet.

Someday, someone is soon coming your way to change everything you believe in. So be ready. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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