10 Simple Ways You Can Help Save The Environment In Your Daily Life

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As humans we have built an empire of industry, making money and living in the luxury, without actually taking into account the environmental effects that developing causes on our Earth. We use and abuse the land, water and air until it cannot be used anymore. Global warming is happening and it’s almost too late to stop it.

People will always tell you that you alone won’t make a difference…but it’s the activism you share with others that can make the difference. If you change your lifestyle to help the environment and spread your practices with your family, friends, you all can help save our Earth from the future destructions! You may think that you can’t help, but there are such simple ways to make it happen! I’ve created a list, from least extreme to most extreme, on how you can help save the environment.

1. Reuse and Recycle.

Use an eco-friendly water bottle instead of bottled water or bring your own reusable bag to the grocery store. Use Tupperware instead of Ziploc bags. Recycling single handedly stops excess pollution and landfills.

2. Be aware of how much water you use.

(My boyfriend is rolling his eyes as he reads this) I never really realized how much water I waste on a daily basis until moving in with this water-saving crazy man. Shut off the sink while brushing your teeth, you can save a ton of water just doing that twice a day!

3. Create a compost.

Take all your decomposable waste and toss it into your very own compost! Composting can help enrich your soil for the garden and is biodegradable for future use!

4. Watch what you wash.

When I moved into my apartment with a washer + dryer, I was elated! I used it almost every day, washing everything I wore once. Check if your clothes really need washing, or can be worn again. One thing I learned in Brazil, living without a washing machine, was I did not need to wash every single item, nor did I want to. I washed my underwear while in the shower (strange but effective), and everything else I only washed if it was sweat-through or stained! Remember, each load uses about 40 gallons of water, whereas handwashing only uses a few gallons!

5. Online shop!

Yes, this affordably simple way to buy your favorite things will be the death of me. But it actually saves a lot more gas and energy. Most packages are delivered in bulk, so only one truck can deliver online purchases for an entire neighborhood and/or city!

6. Invest in a programmable thermostat.

Although I hate that my dad has access to the temperature from his cell phone and keeps turning the heat down, it’s a great investment to save energy! You’re able to program various temperatures in your household for different times of day, lowering the temp overnight and while you’re at work, and turning it back on before you arrive home!

7. Go paperless!

See what mail you are receiving and opt-in for the paperless option. There is no reason to waste money on printing and mailing when an emailed advertisement would suffice!

8. Go vegan!

The amount of energy, water and land that it takes to make small amounts of animal products is absurd. Simple changes to your diet can not only help the animal agriculture epidemic in the world, it can also improve your health and well-being.

9. Declutter and donate.

Go through your entire house quarterly. Throw away or donate items you don’t use and won’t use, and help other people in need! I know this is difficult for a lot of people, but it can actually help with minimalism and future unneeded spending! Buy quality over quantity!

10. Walk/bike to work!

If possible, leave your car at home and transport to work in a more eco-friendly way. If you work in a rural area, see if carpooling with a co-worker is an option.

There are such simple ways to make a difference in the world, try being mindful of waste the next time you run errands or are shopping for groceries! Help save our planet! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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